“I’m Not Going Away”


Sensational Liberian artist Sweetz says her long stay away from the musical scene was a break she took to focus on the progress of another career.

“I decided to take a break from the spotlight for a short while and get behind the scenes,” Sweetz says, adding, “I’m now venturing into video directing at Loveland Productions, a small production company, started by my friend.

“I am also the makeup artist and image consultant for all clients whose videos we shoot. We just wrapped up Naymo Records artist TCrack, PCK and L’Frankie’s ‘Back to Buchanan’ video and a few others as well.”

“I’m definitely taking the time off to really decide what to do next musically. Please don’t get scared fans; I’m still in the music game. I’m not going away,” Sweetz, told fans.

Sweetz says she is totally involved in building the entertainment careers of young artists. “When you give back to the society as an artist it is a blessing, sometimes life throws you in a different direction to help you gain your balance and prepare you for the next step.”

The biggest challenge of an artist is surfacing into the next level of the game and right now it is in that direction her career is moving, she says.

“Just like every artist in the world, my goals are to release singles, shoot videos to accompany them, go on tour, drop an album… I’m taking my own time to make this happen, fans should not worry, the hits are on their way. I can’t afford to let my fans suffer that long; I love them dearly.”

She discloses that by next week she will debut the Dance Captain from her Pretty Jues Entertainment in a dance video showcasing the latest Lib Swag dance.

“My heart is full of joy to see my Dance Captain coming up with such a project,” Sweetz says further.


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