I Met Kate on April 24


True, I did not know much about her. I did not know that she was one of the women who would cry out in the shower to God to give them a new day.

She kind of glided beside me and swept her head away from me and perched on the stool. The restaurant was occasionally empty at this time of the day, though it was supposed to be the time that workers and others were to come for lunch. I am not the superstitious kind of guy and I have always entertained the idea that many things in life happened by accident that by chance or sometimes by coincident. I knew that quality does not come by chance and therefore anything worth fighting for is worth having.

Kate’s smile was effectual as regarded me and I responded with a nod for her to sit just across from me. Interestingly, since she was meeting me for the first time, I was not surprised when right behind her was her friend, whose smile was as much attractive as Kate’s. In the couple of seconds, the two lovely women had seated themselves.

 “We are ready,” I said in a low voice to the lady who had come to take our orders. I had earlier informed her upon my arrival that I was waiting for a friend. It was evident that the waiter was waiting for me, for she lifted her hand to indicate she was aware, and having concluded that part, I settled down to chat with this woman that I had invited to dine with.

The waiter meanwhile returned with what I had ordered, fufu and soup, and she took the two young women’s orders and after sometime, when the food arrived, we settled down to enjoy. It was on April 24, which was on a Friday. I busied myself to do justice to the fufu and soup, while the two friends also jumped into their rice with stew. The room temperature was high, since the weather outside was hot. I looked behind me and concentrated my attention at the windows, while at the same time munching on the meat in the soup.

No one spoke in the first couple of minutes since it was the time to give attention to something else. Once and while I would stir at Kate and I found the popular saying that beauty lies in the beholder true. It was not that Kate was not as beautiful as I am painting her to be, she was, trust me. She stood about 5’ 5” and in the region of one hundred and thirty pounds in weight. As she busied herself munching her lunch, her pointed nose and expressive eyes were in the world of their own. Whenever our eyes met, though ‘three is a crowd,’ she would offer a smile and avert her eyes. I realized that it was a bad practice to interrupt the lunch with direct gazing at this woman that had swept me on my feet, but I realized that am expressing a sentimental love for her, attention was necessary to give the first impression that she was not making a mistake.

Though there had not been any introduction about her friend, but I did not care. The heat increased and we began to look around us, and eventually we started fanning ourselves with anything we could find out. The conversation then centered on the heat, when Kate said, “It is too hot in here.”

I turned to look at her friend, who smiled, and nodded.

I responded in a similar fashion and returned to my lunch. Already, Kate’s friend, who apparently had had some problems with her tooth, suddenly grabbed her jaw, after she took the first sip of her sprite. I expressed concern about her sudden shock, but Kate calmed the situation when she said, “she suffers from toothache.”

I knew what it meant to suffer from toothache and not wanting to spend time discussing about it. I offered my sympathy and returned to my lunch. But I must admit that from time to time I would steal a glance at Kate, taking in her features. The spoons and folks had a field day, and several minutes later, we were done. It was to talk about the chemistry that had been responsible for the meeting in the first place, but I realized that it would be impolite to excuse ourselves away from her friend to discuss our future, if there was a future after all. I knew of course that Kate’s friend was matured enough and could have understood the game, but I felt there was no need to rush a discussion that we could begin any other day and time.

I therefore chose to avoid the subject.

“How was the food?” I shot back, and swept my head to the two beautiful women before me. I cannot fail to repeat myself that Kate was a beautiful woman. Her smile had that radiant attraction that kind of put a dimple on her jaw whenever she smiled or made an attempt to smile. I found this part of her extremely comforting.

 Interrupting my thought, Kate’s cool voice echoed from where she sat. “It’s good,” she said, smiled and swept her head backward. She did it so delicately that I wondered how many women had the expertise to do it. It did not mean reader, that Kate had some special skills that she might have gotten from some training school. I must confess that it was just the usual behavior of women, those little things that men don’t spend time to observe. I was being meticulous in observing every detail, particularly her facial expressions that seemed to send penetrating energy into my being. True, we were meeting tete-a-tete for the first time I had seen Kate on several occasions. Though I counted myself lucky to get her to sit with me, for which I was not prepared to lose every moment of it. I wondered if she was thinking that way. I did not express it, I knew that somewhere in her mind, there was something that was sending messages about my intensions, and I felt comforted that being a rational being she would appreciate my presentation, even if it was just one day.

True, I did not know much about her. I did not know that she was one of the women who would cry out in the shower to God to give them a new day.

It was interesting because, while many women forget to know that overlooking your better half to demand the Lord to give you a new day does not work. As I have indicated, and here I am not sure if I have created too great affection in the heart of the male reader to fall in love with Kate, if that has been the case, then realize that I was the luckiest man on earth. How many times have you heard a man blessing himself for possessing a female companion? I realized that we are living in a different time, where many men, and of course some women, cared little about the other one. I am aware of the emotional nature of women, and as a result, they would be the first to insist on emotional attachment. But is it not true that many of us have lost our inner self esteem that sometimes we don’t care what happens to the other’s feelings? Kate could be different, was my conclusion and I am aware that the sagacious reader would be perplexed about my rush to judgment on the quality of woman Kate would be. I would agree that once is not enough, for I was meeting Kate for the first time and what about tomorrow when the real Kate begins to show herself? I knew human nature is not perfect and so I concluded, long time ago, before meeting Kate that the depth of the relation would depend on how both of us carry the load.

 But to return to our meeting, Kate said the food was good, and her friend re-echoed the opinion that Kate had provided, I did not care. The fact was that I enjoyed the fufu and soup, and so if the two women who by tradition should be the best cooks, were singing the praises of the cook, then so be it. I am not the type that worries about too much of what goes in the soup, and I always enjoy the efforts of another. It does not mean that I have no choice in what kind of food to eat. My ability to accommodate what one has to offer, I think, is a big asset and I could imagine that if in the end Kate is the woman that would make life easy for both of us, then so be it.

But readers, take care that I am not sweeping you along the road down the hill for I don’t know your complexion and the state of mind you are in right now, but I can assure you that I left the restaurant in downtown Monrovia with high hopes that if luck is on my side, this woman, Kate would be mine. But while did I mentioned luck, when quality is not by accident? But don’t let me bore you with flimsy issues till I return to the second time I met Kate. This is where you will enjoy the fun, I promise you, dear reader.


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