“I Had No Idea About Quincy B’s Performance At Angler’s”

The late Quincy B and his manager Lewiz McCarthy

-Manager Lewiz McCarthy


Lewiz McCarthy, the manager of the late RnB star Quincy B, has refuted claims that he was aware of the artist going out the night before his death.

“I had no idea about Quincy B’s performance at the Karaoke night show at Angler’s. Matter of fact, we were together that day and I left him about 4:23 PM in the studio completing the mastering of a new gospel song done by our newly signed artist, Martina.

“As a manager, I don’t allow my artists to perform at useless or unimportant gigs. Quincy B did not inform me that he was going out that night. Even his friend Jethol in his apartment was not aware. When he was leaving that night, he only told Jethol that he was going to get food and will be back,” Lewiz said.

The AML Records boss also noted that he understands that the late Quincy B didn’t practice safe driving rules, which he said was not the reason for his death.

“After all, the practice of safety rules in driving is no guarantee. Quincy has been driving for more than two years. I can’t say that he was a master at it, but driving wasn’t new to him. I could trust him with any car. This is all a dream and I wish to wake up,” he said.

When quizzed on whether or not he will take legal action against the organizer who booked the late Quincy B without his consent, Lewiz explain that this is a country of laws, not man.

“This won’t go down the dream. I will wait and see what the police are going to do. I do respect the law,” Lewiz noted.

Meanwhile, Lewiz has appealed to Liberians to stop posting pictures of the late artist’s corpse on social media because they will haunt him and Quincy B’s family for the rest of their lives.

He also blasted the administration of the John F. Kennedy Hospital for allegedly allowing their nurses to take the naked photos of the artist.

“I cannot believe that the JKF administration through their spokesperson lied to the nation, saying that the pictures were taken at the accident site. They won’t walk away with that this time,” Lewiz added.

Providing an update about the funeral, Lewiz said that the family has decided that March 24 will be the wake keeping and the next day will be the funeral service, all at the ATS.

Lewiz was thankful to fans of the late artist “for their support during this dark period.”


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