“I Am a Liberian”


Lorenzo Loveland is back. This time around with a single that features 14 top rated Liberian artists, including child rapper Ziggy Ray, who almost murdered everyone on the track with his lyrics.

The single, “I’m a Liberian,” talks about patriotism and all the positive things that are associated with being a Liberian.

The song, released a few weeks ago, sends out the message that despite our differences as a people, Liberians should stop having negative thoughts about their country.

In a brief chat with LIB Life, Lorenzo Loveland, owner of the record label Black Enzo that produced the song, said the single was inspired by the idea of telling Liberians to be proud of their county no matter the situation.

“I just thought it wise to throw something out there that Liberians can proudly connect to. However, the production process of the song was pretty tedious.

“ We had a bit of delay come our way with the unfortunate fire incident that occurred on July , 2016, but even with that, I’m extremely grateful for the artists that came through and still had faith in this project.

“For each time we all showed up, it was a very creative environment, from the studio to the photo-shoot and now for the upcoming video shoot,” Lorenzo said.

Meanwhile, Black Enzo Entertainment produced the first ever Hipco Cypher last year, which also brought together about 10 artists.

The single was sponsored by Augustina Kou Monpleh, founder of the Liberian Stars Views blog, and can be accessed on YouTube and TunesLiberia.com.


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