How to Monetize Your Career


Nowadays, pursuing a career in music is not all about singing. It is more about finding ways to monetize your career, which will in return become profitable. In the music arena, success is lucrative when it is balanced between art and business; however, in the case of local Afro Pop sensation DenG, the situation appears to be the other way around.

Here is the reality: Almost all of DenG’s songs are hit songs, but only one, “Put Foot”, has a video. This kind of attitude shows that the “Kemah” crooner, who made history by becoming the first Liberian artist to receive an MTV Africa Music Awards nomination, is not balancing art and the business side of music.

DenG’s refusal to have a visual representation for all of his songs clearly indicates that the artist does not care about boosting his visibility through video, which will definitely expand his creative vision as well.

A music video helps a single’s rating to automatically double because it creates multi-dimensional experiences for fans since they are in the position to witness and hear the song at once. The end-result is sales, views and adverts.

Lastly, a music video serves as a visual narrative to a song; helps the artist take full control of his or her image as well as providing a long term hearing or listening experience for fans long after the single’s release.

Sadly, DenG is missing this golden opportunity that will help make his career lucrative.

It is sad to note that since January this year, DenG has not posted any information on his official website. This kind of negligence is not good for a celebrity of his caliber because site visitors can classify him as someone who starts, but does not finish endeavors.

A website that is frequently updated is a powerful tool that enables an artist to connect with his or her fan base from around the world through controlling his or her online presence and content, which is more powerful than social media.

In addition, a website that is up-to-date helps the artist to secure a position on internet search, and ends up receiving more visitors. It also shows to the world that the artist is also a professional.

On the other hand, a website that is not up-to-date brings in fewer visitors; and that artist will lose a position in terms of internet search. This is exactly what is happening to DenG now.

Currently, DenG is not working on his branded image like before and due to that the artist has not signed up as brand ambassador for any company in recent time, a lucrative label that keeps an artist in the money.

Everything in the music arena is built around image, which is meant to imprint the artist’s audio component in the minds of the fans long before the visual. DenG should know that image goes far beyond aesthetics; it represents the artist’s core values and his personality.

Also, image in the music industry is not all about talent. It’s more about money; and like any other business it is the image that sells the product, not just how great the product is.

Whether the music industry is developed or not, the goal is to make money through selling quality songs, merchandise, sold-out concerts or working as a brand ambassador, which comes through image.

In a nutshell, image is essentially the key to a monetized music career that can sustain you even when you are no longer active as a musician.

While it is true that DenG has a car, lives in a comfortable apartment, and has a bit of cash; however, that does not mean that the artist’s career is lucrative. The artist will obviously find it hard to maintain his status if his fame takes a dip.


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