How Chicken Came To Town


Chicken, one of the domestic fowls, cherished by most people today, once lived in the bush. It was a part of the fowl species of animals.

  Chicken and Bush Fowl were counterparts and did everything in common until one day when their friendship took a different twist! Bush fowl and chicken had gone to search for food the fateful rainy day and though it had not started raining by then, they hastened to be where they would have enough to eat before the rains. For, during this time of year, the rain would be ruthless, once it began to pour and it would not pity anyone though; not even Chicken and Bush Fowl.

  And so, as Chicken and Bush Fowl began to feed on bugs, earthworms and remnants of fruits left behind by squirrels, birds and monkeys, the once gay and promising sky soon became bleak and cloudy and in a breath-taking uproar of thunder, and there was an abrupt down-pour of a mighty rain amidst violent thunderstorm which threatened their survival. They soon became terrified and worried as to how to get back home.

  All they could do that was to remain calm in the face of the eminent danger until the harsh rainstorm abated after soaking them down to their bare tender skins, as their feathers would no longer save them. It rained like what seemed like an eternity and when it finally abated, they were left shivering!

 Shortly after the cessation of the mighty rain, Chicken and Bush Fowl, the two best friends, began their sojourn for home. While en-route home, Bush Fowl suddenly had a thought. He thought that Chicken could go to town for firewood so that they could catch a fire to warm themselves afraid that they might die. But would Chicken be brave enough to undertake such an adventure, knowing not what lay ahead of him? It was quite obvious that none of them had ever come in close contact with a human being before; not even Bush Fowl himself! To go to town for fire was their greatest predicament! But one of them had to go anyway, no matter what, or the severe cold could be much harmful since the sky was still bleak, without any trace of sunrays to warm their bodies.

  Howbeit, Chicken studied his friend’s suggestion, for it was rather a do or die affair! Either one of them would go to town for the fire, or both of them stay and die from the cold. Then Chicken, having given this suggestion a second thought, declared: “Yes, my friend I will go to town for the fire and let come what may; for God knows our plight and He will not allow me to fall into the hands of evildoers though I do not know the characteristics of the human race.”

  “Bravo my friend! “Bush Fowl cheered him. “Indeed, you are a very brave fellow! May God be with you as you undertake this tedious task.”

  By that, Chicken started his journey for town; the place where humans and other domestic animals like goat, sheep, dog and cat lived. But the true intent of Chicken’s visit to town soon turned otherwise though, when he approached the entrance of the town, Chicken observed women and children beating and fanning rice, as goats, sheep and cats went about their normal businesses while ducks and ducklings fed on the rice dust, as men split wood to add to the glowing fire hearth in the kitchen.

  “Oh, what a happy and busy place this town is like!” Chicken now was surprise, and wished to be part of these happy and busy people and animals! No sooner did Chicken enter the town, when he started to feed on the scattered rice found on the ground around the place where women and girls were busy beating rice. The sun was shinning brilliantly in this busy town and there was no need for Chicken to find fire to warm himself. And so, as Chicken was busy helping himself, no one actually seemed to care about his presence in the town until late in the evening as Chicken was caught sleeping in a corner near the fire hearth in the Chief’s kitchen! But the Chief did not bother to raise alarm, for all he thought was that a Bush Fowl had mistakenly come to town and had been caught in the midst of the darkness and could not find his way back into the bushes. The Chief therefore “let the sleeping dog lie.” Yet, Bush Fowl was still anxiously waiting for chicken, his dear friend to return from town, but to no avail!

  Bush Fowl then began to wonder as to what had really happened to his friend: Whether he had missed the road and was now wandering into the bushes and finding it difficult to find his way back home, or whether he had been simply captured by the townspeople, who were noted for not sparing any bush animal for that matter. They would soon make a delicious soup with it once it became victim to their vicious trap! Bush Fowl worried the more and in spite of his plight, soon forgot about what happened to them that fateful morning and did not sleep the whole night. He kept contemplating on what might have happened to his friend. But Chicken was apparently not worried as to what condition his friend was in. All he knew, he had found a paradise on earth and why must he return to his friend in the bush, a place of hardship.

   “Let him remain where he is,” Chicken said, “poor him, and suffer for the rest of his life, thinking that I will carry fire to him.” The next morning, Chicken flew happily from the corner where he had slept the night before and was enjoying himself since no one ever asked him as to where he came from; not even the Chief and his wife, or his children! For all the Chief felt, he was quite a very lucky fellow indeed for a fowl to leave the bush and come to be with him and his family, without anything probably instigating him to do so. It was a wonderful occurrence in the Chief’s life as villagers from far and nearby towns and villages soon came to see the Chief’s new found wonder!

  And as time went by, Bush Fowl decided to go to town in search of his friend. On that day, Bush Fowl took off for town and when he approached the entrance of the town, he became frightened upon seeing the number of people, cattle and huts in the densely populated town; and instead of reaching the town, Bush Fowl decided to call Chicken in the town from where he stood atop an old tree stump. And as Bush Fowl did so, he began to call: “ Kor-kweh, kor-kweh!” But Chicken did not pay heed to his friend’s call.

  And all in all, this is how Chicken came to town, and remained while his friend, Bush Fowl is usually found calling him atop a tree stump. “Kor-kweh, Kor-kweh!”

  Lesson: There are many friends like chicken today, who often forsake you when better days come their way, despite how long you might have struggled together!

The End

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