How Bucky Raw is Damaging His Brand


It is no secret that Bucky Raw is enjoying his music career right now as one of Liberia’s most in-demand rappers.

From handling the Davido show in Liberia last year, in which his performance stood out among his fellow Liberian artists who performed as well to scooping several top awards prize in the space of five-months, Bucky has indeed cemented his name in the Liberia music industry.

However, as things stand, Bucky continues to cause lots of controversies that is hurting his brand, ranging from his unnecessary beef with fellow rapper Christoph and fast rising singer Jaredo, to his poorly organized concert last year in Buchanan.

Yet the man who captured the MTN Liberia Music Awards and TunesLiberia Music Awards album of the year category for his Country Soda II (CS2) album, which became the first album by a Liberian artist to top iTunes World Music Albums chart and Amazon Best Seller in the International category, respectively, appears to be selling himself severely short in other areas.

One recent case has to do with his show in Caldwell last week at the expensive Vicky’s Inn, in Upper Caldwell, which started seven hours late; thereby, leaving several fans frustrated with him for the late show.

The Bucky Raw’s Caldwell gig, which should have started by 6:00 p.m., started seven hours late — around 1:00 a.m. — after fans had already paid L$500 per person for entrance, although he himself was at the concert venue, resting in the guest house by 4:30 p.m.

This unprofessional attitude of Bucky Raw left thousands of his Caldwell fans who have gone to see him perform miss the concert because most of them could not bear it to stay that long.

“This attitude of Bucky Raw, an artist we love dearly was highly unprofessional, and it shows lack of respect for us,” several fans who spoke to the Daily Observer said. “We cannot believe that Bucky Raw did this to us because we paid money to enjoy a lively and energetic concert, but the situation was the opposite, as he has disappointed us.”

The fans added that: “He has actually ‘pupu’ on his farm road,” a slang in local Liberian parlance which refers to a relationship being damaged.

Some fans said they pay less than the L$500 he was charging to attend other rappers’ concerts, which shows the value they see in his brand, but which could be quickly devalued by the poor management of his Caldwell event.


  1. Liberia Pepo we quick to love Stupid people, and we quick to hate them.
    His boi Chris told him about how Liberian good at lifting people letting people down


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