HottFm Launches LIB Top 75 Playlist


I won’t say HottFm 107.9 LIB Top 75 Playlist is a first of its kind, but will say its playlist is filled with all types of Liberian music that could be played internationally; and if followed, could add plenty of value to the way Liberian music is produced. We all know that Liberian music can be at its best quality, like Daddi Rich’s “Dey can’t make it” and DenG “Go down” and can also be as whack as an annoying sound that makes you want to throw a big rock at the speaker that’s blasting it.

HottFm decided after promoting Liberian music for the past five years intensively, to put out this playlist to one, control the way Liberian artist music is respected, precisely by the DJ’s who come across it first and to also encourage artist to start making more well structured music.

“Artist will give DJ’s money to play their song and sometimes that DJ won’t do the job the way the deal goes. You see, with this playlist, artist whose songs make it on the playlist are given the opportunity to get airplay without having to pay; over and over again” Blue stated.

Here’s how it works. If an artist’s song is dope, quality structure, bars and instrumentals are well put together, that song will be screened to know if it fits the standard of what HottFm wants. For every song that has originality, that song will be added on the playlist.

“Free of charge. But there is a package for those who are seeking individual promotion, including interviews and a monthly promotional deal,” he added.

LIB Top 75 playlist is valid for three months and then rotated based on the songs selected amongst the thousands of songs submitted to HottFm within that time frame.

As of now, there are 79 songs on the playlist though named LIB Top 75. Liberian artist living in all parts of the cosmos from USA based Young Muse, who features on a banger alongside Tan-tan called “summer baby” , down to Kizzy W who took Liberia by surprise when he released “wait nah” are seated on the list.

What is most surprising is the fact that there are a selected few female artists who are on the playlist, apart from Queen V, Liberia’s rap diva, Skylet White and Sweetz, there are only two other female artists on the playlist.

According to DJ’s across Liberia, female artist are challenged with the fact that the Liberian entertainment industry is dominated mainly by men, not saying that it is a prejudice environment. Lady Emotionz and Gorgeous Monae of HottFm say that many of the women don’t really push themselves mainly because they are also engaged in product selling, the fashion industry and other areas that involve their time. So for music, two female DJ’s at HottFm 107.9 feel that it becomes a part time thing for them because female artist are so busy.

“For real, we need to help promote these female artists so they can have a chance to also develop themselves because they have the talent too,” they announced on air Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the playlist has already gained a lot of attention as people across the world have begun requesting for all the songs on it.

“Can the playlist be downloaded,” they request on radio shows.

DJ Blue has announced that the playlist is the first of its kind allowing artist to get the needed radio airplay that their songs deserve and has asked that all music makers work had to get their songs on the playlist.


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