HottFm 107.9 Releases New Songs on LIB Top 75 Playlist


With a passion for underground as much as international Hip-Co music, the industry is getting serious as more and more people are engaging in concert going and Liberian music. HottFm 107.9, alias One Media House, has done just about that by strategizing a way to blend every part of entertainment into one.

One Media House, consisting of event planning, management, recording studio, advertising, humanitarianism, community development, artist promotion and a list of other things, HottFm is 100 percent engaged in Liberian entertainment and opening lanes for artists who have the ‘right stuff.’

With the coming of the New Year, and the anticipated 2017 elections, HottFm has put its hands on a list of eye popping, heart racing events up to January 1, 2017 to get everyone’s mind ready for what’s ahead. For now, the country is hyped.

First up is the LIB Top 75 Playlist, a creative playlist hosting more than 70 songs from Liberian artists living in all parts of the world. What makes the playlist exciting is the fact that songs featured on it are always a blend of super-talented and peaking artists. For example, Starmelo-D (the D is silent), an afro-pop artist with the smashing hit ‘Rude rude tings,’ has been in the industry since 2014, but as an underground artist, this young lad has been making music for years. A sound engineer first and foremost, Starmelo-D decided that it was time to sing over the sound of music that he cooks so well in the kitchen.

“When I first started in the music industry, I was just a sound engineer. In 2014, I did a sample track about Liberia and the amount of positive feedback I received gave me the faith. Since then, I began enjoying the music more, every passing day it becomes a part of me,” he said.

Now considered to have one of the best hit singles out, Starmelo-D’s ‘Rude rude tings’ has been on the Lib Top 75 Playlist for the past four months leaving him spellbound by the amount of followers he now has.

Meanwhile, HottFm is also hosting a massive International concert in collaboration with the brains behind the “ADAY” initiative, Prince Jimmy Dee, who will be bringing down ‘Danze’ hitmaker Young Muse and his management team, Skylet White, the boss-lady’s voice behind
‘Balance,’ on December 17 at Bernards Beach.

The two artists are expected in Liberia today, December 15, 2016. Excited and prepared to see home, their fans, friends and family, the two have a professional show planned for LIB. What many don’t know is that Young Muse is one of Liberia’s most sought after artist.

Nicki Minaj’s former manager and Waka Flaka Flame’s mother, Ms. Deborah Atney, has always said that she has a special interest in Young Muse’s music. Young Muse has had the opportunity of being mentored by some of the best in the music business; and with that said, he has something ‘real’ to show Liberia.

There will be security and a protocol during the Jingle Bells Beach Jam that will be people friendly and safe for all. The artists, according to information coming from HottFm, will have ample time to perform.

Again as we head closer to season time, it’s time to pop those bottles, have fun and enjoy the show. Below is a listing of the newest songs to be added to the playlist…

LIB Top 75 Playlist
Scientific – Ain’t Got Time (Prod. By Hasty Baba)
Kobazzie – Ma U Gifted (Prod. Quincy B)
2switt – My Woman Sweeter
Quincy B. Olukupie Perf
AG DA Profit Feat. Shuaibu – Baby Yoo
C.I.C ft. F.A John Buttay prod. by Kizzy W
Chiller Coolnanee – One more Chance -(Beat Master)201600
ConCcoins Feat. DenG – Some More
Flex – HOLY GHOST Fire Them
I Here- PCK L Frankie
Mr. Smith (LIB Money) – Let’s Go Play
Sweetz – Like Your Business (US Mastered)
Tag Team – Least Gbelleh
Venny Ten Ten
‘Woman Lapa Squezze Ft Nig Boy
Zoko (Pillz)
Mezonic – Dah LehVo
Mezonic – Kelewele Love(master)
Make it thick Sammie Love featuring Starmelod
Juice- Cypha D King featuring Christpoh
Crazy for your love- Z. Papoose


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