HottFm 107.9 Beach Jam Extravaganza


Congo Town – If you imagined a beach jam being all about loads of smashing hits and artists, people laughing and sharing fun while swimming in nearby puddles created by the ocean, think again! During HottFm’s Beach Jam over the weekend, held at Bernard’s Beach, HottFm’s CEO DJ Blue and one of Liberia’s top DJ’s, Weego Zico-Fresh Boy, held the show down by doing the unbelievable, taking it all off – literally.

With performances by “Why She Cry” hitmaker Too Sweet, “Bartender” hitmaker F Dot A Dot, “Sender” songwriter Geno, “Look What You Done To Me” artist Cypha D King, and a bunch of others, the crowd was under hypnosis by their newest sensation DJ Mcgrady and the professional sounds coming from the state-of-the-art stage set up by Fidel Samukai.

“I’m the newest on set here to change the game, make things happen around here now,” DJ Mcgrady bluffed.

Meanwhile, DJ Blue and his team gave away t-shirts, some of the prizes from their partners. It was amazing watching the youths, some wearing slippers and torn clothes, receiving the holiday spirit through giveaways.

“I love HottFm, they really know how to touch the people,” stated Musa, a fan who won a chance to sit in on Saturday’s flyest entertainment show, “Disturbing the Peace”.

Meanwhile, the ultimate showstopper was when it was time for DJ Blue and his crew to step off the stage and let the artist perform. It began when Weego-Zico took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd, and then everything else followed.

After throwing his bangles, beads on his neck, and hat to the excited crowd, when Weego Z-co noticed that there was nothing else left on his skin to throw at the crowd, he took off his US$62 shorts and threw that as well. There was a burst of movements and screams as hundreds ran towards every item that was being thrown by Weego. And then a pair of size 12 shoes followed…’them were DJ BLUE’s.’

“Che! These two really killing us oh! Throw yourself too, Blue,” shouted someone in the audience.

Weego-Zico now stood half naked in a pair of boxers on a some footies, looking incredibly impressed and pleased with himself for amusing his fans.

Who said a beach jam is all about flying blown up balls, kites flying and ladies in bikinis? Just ask HottFm fans what it’s all about.


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