Hott FM Extends Services to Bong County


The general manager and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HOTT FM, DJ Blue, in a recent disclosure has said that the station is about to extend its operation in Gbarnga, Bong County.

He said further that one of the goals of the initiative, among others, is aimed at providing job opportunities for residents of Bong County.

DJ Blue also said that Hott FM in Gbarnga, linked directly with its parent station in Monrovia, is chiefly a community-based radio station.

He said that while the radio station has been in operation for a considerable time, it would, however, officially open on Saturday, June 20. This will be followed, after the arrival of the HOTT FM team from Monrovia, by a series of activities beginning on Thursday, June 18.

“We want to broadcast with a distinctive voice across the country, widening the scope of Liberian music and bringing it directly to the people as we have done abroad and in Monrovia,” he explained, adding, “The media is an educational tool for culture promotion and for the sharing of information and entertainment.”

He said further that extending HOTT FM to Bong County would foster communication among participants, helping to enhance economic and social development.

HOTT FM has become one of the biggest radio stations in Liberia, noted for beginning a revolution that has since promoted Liberian musical talents, organizing a series of programs that has helped to increase awareness of Liberian music.


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