Hott Fm Celebrates 3 years of Existence

DJ Blue, DJ Master Queen and Hazem Harb.jpg


Commonly known as “The people’s station,” Hottfm 107.9 celebrated its 3rd year anniversary on Dec 28, 2013 by hosting a 3 day b-day bash extravaganza.

Described as being one of the most reliable, entertaining and politically drawn in radio stations in Liberia by a recent survey conducted online, Hottfm has a lot to be grateful for this year, especially for it’s fan’s.

“ We have finally advanced our station to a international level. People from all over the world can now listen to us and get a chance to be a part of our station live online.,” announced co-owner DJ Blue during a staff meeting.

With the launching of their new website and online radio streaming, Hottfm has advanced itself to another level that other radio stations have yet to reach. “This is a way to promote ourselves and show people that we are the best” he added.

Day one of the event, which was hosted on Dec 27, 2013, had a turn up of hundreds of officially dressed cadet, executives, youths, students, musicians and politicians dressed in all over black.

Black was the dress code for that night’s event at Sky bar, drawing in exclusively dressed celebrities on the black carpet

“The black carpet represented that days event. Haven’t you ever seen a black carpet event before?” asked Disturbing the Peace, DJ Shizzle of Hottfm 107.9

For those of you who have never seen hundreds of people dressed in black all at once; it’s a frightening sight. [Laughter]

“Good day world. For on behalf of Hottfm team, we like to say thanks to all for making the black party a success.” Co-owner Hazem Harb posted on facebook after the show.

Day two was the actual birthday bash and website launching that took place at club temptations. With many international visitors here in to Liberia for the holiday season, they found their cup of tea and felt right at home with the B-Day bash atmosphere and Jamboree that saw hundreds and thousands of fans from all walks of life.

“ Yo, I had a great time! Anything that Hottfm is apart of is Fiyah, hot!” screamed a long time fan Habib Sirleaf

Day three, which hosted a live concert from pretty much every Hip-Hop, RnB and Hip-Co artist, this time around saw thousands of Hottfm fans.“The show was jammed back. Hottfm has fan base yah,” stated Mr. Smith of Mr. Smith Entertainment.

Hottfm has done well in the hood before, and with the proceedings from the three-day event, it will enable the station to be able to do more good for more people in the hood.

“Hottfm is reaching out to the people, and with the money that we make from our B-day bash, we will be using it to be able to go into various communities to give back, and reach out more” stated DJ Master Queen of Hottfm via phone.


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