“Holy Ghost Fire” Remix and Three Way Joint Venture


We’ve heard the rumors about how ‘difficult’ it is to get your track in the right hands. But for Diallo, the manager behind the most talked about Liberian artist right now, “it was very easy.”

American based Liberian artist Flex, the country’s first artist to get Akon on a featured track, is the Don behind ‘Holy Ghost Fire,” a ragga/club banger that so put Akon in the right mood, he literally “jumped on the record and murdered the record. He stayed in the booth for about two hours, no water, no drinking, no nothing.”

Although the track was slept on by many promoters and radio stations, Flex is the coming year’s (2017) Liberian artist to expect great things from.

One of them should include him landing a deal with Akon’s Konlive Label, a move that will allow him to work with his mastered materials before signing on to the label…and that’s the business.

“I wanted to learn more about the business so I wouldn’t need people to do certain things for me. At that time I chose to be behind the scene and learn and now I am ready to be the artist,” Flex shared during his interview on Be100 last month.

Flex now has the leverage to make business decisions as Akon’s official in Liberia.

“Flex is definitely in contracts with Akon. We are a joint venture with Convict Music, Konlive. It’s not a regular sign in signature, ‘cause Akon is dealing with his brother, with me. We’re like brothers because we have known each other for over 20 something years.

“We couldn’t just do the regular ‘sign to an artist deal’ with Akon. Ours is a three way joint venture, a partnership. It’s a partnership in which the artist Flex is a business partner of the whole situation. Flex is not only our artist but also our business partner.

He makes decisions and has a lot to do with how we make day to day decisions,” his manager Diallo stated.

LIB Life had to talk to Diallo.

LIB Life: This is really good news! Where do we start? Tell us how the collaboration with Akon and Flex came about.

Diallo: Akon and I have been running around since the early 90s, my little brother and his brother Boo were really good friends. A lot of people don’t know that Akon has always been interested in Liberia, his best friend King Kong is in Liberia so for us to
make this happen. I am not surprised because whenever I needed him for anything or whenever Diallo of GProductions called him, he always came and helped us out.

LIB LIFE: Akon has many friends, including yourself, so who actually connected you all and made things happen?

Diallo: Gibson has been working with Akon, produced a lot of records for Akon, he’s a worldwide engineer. Gibson took the record during a show in Dubai that Gibson put together for Akon. When they did that show, afterwards Gibson gave Akon the record and asked him to listen to it, “if u like it, get on it, if you don’t you can leave it,” he told Akon. Akon heard the record and said “yo, I want that kid.”

LIB LIFE: So it was that easy? And how did you actually get to see Akon to make it all happen?

Diallo: It was very easy; I don’t want to add drama or act as if we had to go through any hard avenues. Our intention was to never have Akon on the record, we were just trying to put together a solid album, get a few features on the album even though the record is getting attention of its own. We didn’t need any feature to make it do what we intended for it to do.

When Akon came back to the states from Dubai, he called us and told us to meet him at the studio and talk to discuss the album. When we got to the studio, he listened to all the recording we had and planned on having. We went into a deep discussion with Akon, on how we plan on promoting and marketing the record and next thing we know Akon jumped in the booth and told the producers “yo, drop the Holy Ghost Fire instrumental.” That’s how the “Holy Ghost” Flex feature came about. Which is spontaneous as we just sitting in the studio ‘kicking it’ and then Akon jumped on the record and he murdered the record. I mean, stayed in the booth for about two hours, no water, no drinking, no nothing. When he came out, he was all excited and had a little party in the studio. We chopped it up and then we left there, and started working on more of our beats.

LIB Life: That is amazing. Flex is talented. When can we expect the video?

Diallo: We wanted Flex to add a few more verses to the track to make it full, because it’s too short – 1:42 – and Akon’s addition completes it. Moving past the records and recording, when the record is done and video is done, editing should be done by this week Saturday. Both song and video will drop mid January.

The video was shot in Miami. Friday night we received a call that Akon would be doing business in Miami and we should fly out to do the video. Saturday Morning by 6am we flew out there and shot the video for a couple of days. Patrick shot the video.

LIB Life: Congrats to you and your team. There is much more happening that will be followed.

Diallo: We have the whole album completed; a few touch up, last features we wanted to do, we got those, we got Akon, Davido, May D, Gibson is really really good friends with Wizkid to do a collabo on one of the records that we really really like. He’s kind of under the weather right now, he’s just laying low until he gets well. Shout out to Wizkid, hope you get well soon, and once he gets better we can get the record done, it’s the last and then we’ll be able to move forward with that.


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