Highlighting International Artists on Their Way Up Part 2


Simply put, he’s at the head of the class. A series of music videos on YouTube and American TV channels has spread the word about this talented newcomer who has been developing since he was a boy.

Bryan Doe, a Liberian-born and bred gospel artist, who later transferred to secular music, says he gained a lot of respect, recognition and fans after he released his first project/mix tape, ‘Nothing to Lose’.

“The success of the singles off my ‘Nothing to Lose’ mix-tape earned me a best R&B artist nomination at the Liberian Music Awards last year. My most talked about new single/video, ‘Keep Loving You’, was on the eve of Valentine’s Day and dedicated to a girl I fell in love with. The song is about appreciating how she changed my life for the better and how I promise to always love her,” he told LIB Life via email.

The track “Keep Loving You” is about to impact the radio.  Bryan Doe is quite possibly the slickest male vocalist to come along, since F.A. and Chris DeSheild.  He’s got a smooth, effortless tenor that’s hard to beat, especially when laid over mostly R&B slow jams. 

He says he has amazed his audience and fellow musicians with his vocal ability and writing skills and prays that he continues on this path with God's help.  Presently he is being nominated for the Liberian entertainment awards as best new artist and has asked all his fans to cast in their vote. But first, check out his YouTube Channel and see (hear) for yourself!


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