Highlighting International Artist on Their Way Up


LIB LIFE is back at the top of things. 2015 fetched in a flood of exciting new music from young and unfamiliar Liberian voices. With more chances and promises, 2016 will prove to be a make or break year for these artists as they ‘hustle’ from greatness to admired superstardom.

One promising up and coming star artist is Neoh William Kparsuah, famously known as Ne-oh William, who released four strong projects in 2015. We expect him to surpass himself this New Year since he’s one of the most fertile and promising reggae artists of his class. So far he’s the best in his city with his immaculate voice control, and a large fan base to go with it.

Following his 2015 banger “Famous,” featuring Hip-Co group Soul Fresh, which is one of the standout projects to hit Liberia last year, we’re certain he’ll hit bigger.

Ne-oh doesn’t have a large body of work under his belt, but with the 10 plus tracks that have been streaming so far, “Pap God,” featuring Hip-Co rap star Mr. Smith, and “So Addicted” are booming in local clubs around Liberia and the world.

“Throughout the past three years, I’ve been doing local shows and club performances. That is where I got recognized and created my own fan base,” he added.

“I’m really inspired by reggae and dancehall music. Been in the industry for 10 years and became popular as a pop reggae artist because of my own sef unique sound and style of music. The real reason I do music and becoming an artist is not only the passion that I have for music but also to better my country Liberia. I want Liberian music to get recognition and international listeners,” he said.

Ne-oh has been around the music scene since then. And what makes him vastly popular in the ever rising market, is the fact that Ne-oh is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

“After dropping my mix tapes, I started selling CDs from city to city out of the trunk of my car. That’s where I was able to make some money, which helped me further my career,” he shared via email.

In the United States of America since 2006, the artist has not only successfully come out with a unique sound, he is also a safe haven for other Liberian artists. Ne-oh has helped artist like David Mel, Shadow, JD Donzo and few others with gigs and accommodation.

“I learned that when a lot of our artist went to America a couple of years ago for the LMA, they were staying at his house,” shared DJ Baby Boy.

Ne-oh has a great opportunity to capitalize on what could be Liberia’s next international reggae pop star. He certainly has lots of ears ready to listen to a capable lyricist with a peculiar, underrated flow, which he typically unleashes over reggae and R&B beats.

This is one brother that barks like a man with a story to tell; y’all should listen to him.


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