High School Students Pledge Commitment for Peace

First Place Winner, Sr. Kathleen McGuire Memorial High School was awarded LRD $10,000. Student Patrick Korvah (first from right) who received the award urged his fellow peace advocates to do more research, read and pay keen attention to the English language, which he believes will help them in writing constructive articles in the future.

After a one-day workshop with peace volunteers and messengers, the Messengers of Peace (MOP) Liberia, Inc. organized a “Peace Pledge Competition” among various school peace clubs around the country to have them commit to and sustain peace wherever they are, using the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) #s 2250 & 2419 as their platforms for joint action.

The competition brought together nine schools who submitted their peace pledges to the evaluating partner of MOP, the Daily Observer newspaper. The pledges were carefully vetted and three schools ascended as winners.

“The ultimate goal of the competition was to boost and unite the various schools peace clubs and encourage them to be better youth for tomorrow”, MOP’s Peace Clubs Coordinator, John D. Lawor emphasized.

The Executive Director of MOP, Gwendolyn S. Myers, said that the winner’s pledge shall become the standard pledge to be recited by every peace volunteer and messenger of peace at programs and peace events.

Participating high schools included the St. Peter’s Lutheran; A.M. Fofana; Charles Henry Dewey; Brilliance Academy; Len Miller High School (Salvation Army); William Booth (Salvation Army); Sr. Kathleen McGuire Memorial; William V.S. Tubman Gray and John Lewis Morris.

Students and peace club representatives later gathered at the Fofana A. Fofana high school in Sinkor, Fish Market to hear the winners being announced and receive their prizes.

Sr. Kathleen McGuire Memorial High School took first place, clinching the prize of 10,000 LRD; the second-place prize of 6,000 LRD was awarded to William V.S. Tubman Gray High school, while the Charles Henry Dewey Central High School took third place and won 3,000 LRD.

Gracing the occasion was the Minister of Youth and Sports, D. Zeogar Wilson, who congratulated the winners and presented them their prizes.

Sr. Kathleen McGuire Memorial High School Peace Pledge

The winning pledge, written by students of the Sr. Kathleen McGuire Memorial High School, reads:  As a messenger of peace, I pledge my commitment for the stability of peace; to maintain and sustain peace wherever I may be, with one goal to accomplish we stand together with one aim and objective we’ll work together. With my passion for peace at heart, I’ll stand for peace and live for peace because as a messenger of peace, I ought to achieve harmony and security and security within my school and my community because youth plus peace equals bright future indeed. 

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Lisa Lumeh is an emerging communications personnel. She holds a B.A. degree in Mass Communication from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia. She joined the Daily Observer in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant. Since then, she has enhanced her personal and professional development in the field of communications. Lisa loves writing and reporting on issues that concerns the development of youth and women in Liberia and Africa. She has certificates in Media and Communications from the Journalists and Writers Association Foundation in New York, USA; Civic Engagement from the Young African Leadership Initiative-Regional Leadership Center, YALI-RLC, Accra, Ghana along with several others in women's Leadership and community engagement.


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