Here’s Whats Happening With Afro/RnB Sensation F.A


F.A., also known as mister “Why Not” has grabbed the attention of many countries, continents and islands with his lioness physic, cooing and chillaxing love songs and his ability to drop hit after hit as if this music thing is as easy as drinking water.

F.A came in the scene with a unique blend of style, a bit of RnB, up-tempo beat, dance and Collo-RnB, exactly what the clubs in Liberia say they need to move their customers to their feet. During the Sound City concert in 2014, before the Ebola outbreak, F.A performed in front of thousands while fans screamed out the name of Liberia’s favorite new star.

“Chea pa, I like this guy oh. He can sing bad way,” stated the audience.

A year after the bashing Debut release of his first solo album Foreign Affairs with tracks like “Always” “Do me” “Whats Ur name” “Foreign affairs” he dropped his second album showing off more of his talents. And then Ebola hit.

“Hottfm has been nominaterd and awarded for its great contributions during the Ebola outbreak,” stated Brain Kandakai, and executive of a child fund raising group in Liberia thats set to have an award ceremony in December.

F.A, DenG and Soul fresh didn’t step back and wait for Ebola to pass, they took to the streets of Liberia with a song that sent a very strong messege across the world; Ebola is real. The three collaborated an Ebola track that every NGO, society , civil and educational group used to send the messege across that everyone should take measures in keeping alive.

F.A’s hook in the song “Ebola is real, better protect yourself, protect your family” was on the lips of every Liberian, it became a motivator for society, it helped save lives.

F.A moved from being the hot artist to a very important household favorite.

Meanwhile, upon the release of his new single featuring Nigeria’s favorite female star, Chidinma “Desire”, F.A has heightend the appetite of his fans both in Liberia and now around the world. So far the song has had thousnads of downloads in its first day of release. Blue Links Records CEO DJ Blue tells us the “Desire” video will be shot later this month.

“By the end of the year, F.A will be the hottest and most sought out artist because of the international exposure he has. The talent he has is way above us, as soon as he arrived in Nigeria, the community received him with high respect. F.A is a celebrity in Nigeria right now,” DJ Blue added.

Also, Cypha D King, Blue Link Records co-CEO and also producer and engineer says F.A has successfully produced three tracks with Nigerian artist, a action that will give F.A the exposure he’ll need.

“His aim is to get out there where Nigerians can book him for shows every week. Nigeria is big, Lagos alone is 30 million, if you can get 10% of Lagos, you got more then Liberia. The point is to get out there and get internationally known for what we’re doing as a Liberian artist. FA is happy and excited, kind of like sure real, weve been talking about it, and now he’s there now, and its like wow, is this forreal,” Cypha added.

F.A has put together another banging hit, one that is designed to hit all African and international charts, Go F.A!


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