Heart Beat Records’ CEO Tan Tan Making Big Moves


Many Liberian music supporters have come to know “E leh leh“ hit maker Tan Tan as a hard working artist, consultant, the son of Vice President Joseph Boakai and also a guy who makes things happen.

What many don’t know is that Tan Tan has been in  America since the June 14, 2014 Liberian Music Awards in Atlanta Georgia, alongside his musical counterparts,  Infectious Michael and Bernice Blackie, and has already made a big step.


“Chopping it up with my man Chaka Zulu, the manager of Disturbing The Peace sloganeer Ludacris”

Information posted on Facebook revealed Tan Tan’s positive happening, one that hundreds of people all around the world are wishing to experience; an opportunity to network with some of the biggest names.

" The Trip has been good so far.  It started off a bit frustrating, but God has opened some good doors.”

According to “Complexion thing” co-creator Tan Tan, such a link up with Chaka Zulu wasn’t planned but has in fact turned out to be a blessing in it’s own disguise.

“I went in to see a family friend, who has very good ties with Chaka and was able to set up a meeting with him for my manager & me. It was just an initial meeting which was very educative on how Liberian/African music can have it better.”  

Also, Tan Tan expressed how surprised he was to be able to meet such an influential public figure.

“Amazing!  Firstly, it was shocking to find him so laid back and down to earth, and also how he had in depth knowledge on everything concerning the music industry.”

Furthermore, networking has become a popular thing amongst businessmen and entertainers, a network that enables one to broaden his/her own career venture.

“ I was also able to meet with LRoc, at the LMA and got to chat with him on his plans to work along with the the Liberian Music Awards (LMA) to make it better.

LRoc is a Liberian producer who works with Def Jam records, and has produced Grammy award winning songs like Usher's "Yeah," amongst others. He now serves as a member on the National Grammy Awards Impact on the American Society, etc.,” Tan Tan said.

Meanwhile, Tan Tan says he will be in the States for a short period due to work. He has to be at work but expressed that he has been in the States on numerous occasions, despite rumors of it being his first time.

“ I’ve been in and out of the States before. Between 1985 to now, a lot has changed also, due to the fact that each trip has been for a different reason; the experiences have varied,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tan Tan has been individually trying to set relevant things in place before his return to Liberia. The Heart Beat Record Team are all trying to catch up with family.

“The LMA idea was great—the move to help obtain visas for the artists was commendable and the event itself was okay. But the little arrangements that built up to the main event needed to be worked on majorly. Hopefully they will improve on the next one, but bravo to them (LMA), though!”


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