Hands of Hope Brings Smiles to Children in Thinker’s Village

Children at the Hands of Hope Liberia Christmas party, with their gifts.

On Christmas Day (December 25, 2020) more than five hundred fifty children from Thinker’s Village and surrounding communities were provided free toys and food by Hands of Hope Liberia headed by its Executive Director, Mrs. Lydia Sebwe.  The annual program targets underprivileged kids.

Children between the ages of one and fourteen years received dolls, cars, balls, and other assorted items.  240 girls received gifts while 315 boys received variety of toys.  Twelve-year old Joshua said he was happy for his toy. Parent Patience Wilson of Hope Village said she was grateful to Sis Lydia for the Christmas toys given to her three kids, while Pastor Patrick T. Gibson of Light of the World Ministries said the toy distribution attracted children from nearby communities along the RIA Highway. He said he hopes that the organizers will sustain the program by increasing the number of children to more than a thousand. The Annual Toy Distribution and Feeding Program aims to share the joy of Christmas and God’s blessing.

Children queue up at the Hands of Hope Liberia Christmas party to receive presnts.

In 2021, Hands of Hope Liberia will expand its educational opportunities through scholarship and/or tuition payment, targeting disadvantaged children with financial challenges. Hands of Hope Liberia extends gratitude to David McGuire and family, Lydia Williams Wuo, Johantz Caine, Jr., Duke Weeks, Samuel McIntosh, Rita Williams, Erin, and Sarah for their financial and in-kind support. 

Hands of Hope-LIB, Inc., is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015, dedicated to providing educational opportunities through academic and athletic scholarship programs to Liberian youth who are financially challenged. It also undertakes an annual toy distribution and feeding program.  The nonprofit has a network of volunteers, and is legally registered under the laws of Liberia, having acquired Articles of Incorporation in 2020. The organization also has bylaws and is headed by an Executive Director, along with a board of directors that provides strategic guidance to its operations. Hands of Hope-LIB, Inc., also operates a USA branch, registered with the State of Minnesota.


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