Grandpa’s Mistakes


My name is Kebbeh. I am 12 years old and an 8th grade student at a community school. I have lived with my grandparents in Caldwell since I was two years old because I am an orphan.

  It’s Saturday and grandpa is taking me around town in his car like he usually does.

  I am dressed in my casual wear of jeans, a tee-shirt and a pair of sneakers today. We are having fun as we laughed and he told me stories and made comments about everything and I became curious and decided to ask him some questions.

 Me: “Grandpa look at how old that building is.”

Grandpa: “Honey, that building was a place to be.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Grandpa: “We had various entertainments there and we used to spend our money and enjoy good life in there.” I was a bit surprised.

Me: “Are you telling me you really had money before?” Grandpa was apparently not surprised of my question. But I was because we lived in a little house and did not have lots of things and a small car he owned always and mechanical problems.

 Grandpa: “Oh yeah, I had a lot of money back in the days.”

 Me: “What did you do with all those money?”

Grandpa: “I spent them at theaters minimarts, and the list goes on dear…” I smiled at his answer and he remained silent.

  We drove on and stopped for a several cars in a convoy to pass us, and few seconds later I threw some questions at my grandpa.

 Me: “Grandpa, why do cars stop for convoys?”

Grandpa: “This is important because people who are in convoys have some important work to do and they must get there as quickly as possible.”

 Me: “So, whose convoy just passed us?”

Grandpa: “It’s the minister of national defense.”

Me: “Wow. He has so much money and cars. The cars were beautiful.”

Grandpa: “Those cars are not really his. They are all government properties. He has money as well as his personal cars.”

Me: “Did you say his personal cars?”

Grandpa: “Yes, personal cars.”

Me: “He must be lucky, then.”

Grandpa: “Sure, he is. In fact we were buddies back in the old days and we sat in class and played ball together as well.”

  I thought for a while and started to record our conversation in my notebook. I realized that I would have to learn from my grandpa’s to make the best decision in my life.

 Editor’s Note: Ms. Faith T. Forpoh is a management and accounting (junior) student at Stella Maris Polytechnic. She loves reading and writing.


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