Gov’t Not Supporting Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo

Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo

…Contends she is still owed prize money for winning the Miss Liberia crown in January 2017

Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, has publicly admitted for the first time that she has not received a dime from the government of Liberia since winning the crown in January 2017.

Queen Dolo won the crown last year after beating 10 contestants by outperforming them with her poise, confidence, and intelligence.

Wokie Dolo, responding to criticisms in a lengthy Facebook post that she has not done much to advocate for the well-being of children, alleged that since winning the crown last year, neither the government nor the organizer has given her the prize money.

She stated that the government has never supported any of her trips to international pageants, where she participated and won awards thereby bringing pride to the country.

“I started my reign with no budget and uplifted the flag of Liberia positively. I have undertaken projects and contributed to society through my personal account. With the help of God, my manager, sponsors, and my team, we have been able to redefine the role of Miss Liberia through our positive contributions towards the growth and development of Mama Liberia.

“I have been working with less fortunate kids since I was 15 years old. I’ve sponsored persons with disabilities, youths, and orphans from my home of origin and across without a crown. I don’t have to be rich before giving out to my people. I have shared every little I have with them because we all deserve happiness! I’ve inspired thousands of people through my humanitarian services”.

“And my license fees to all the international pageants I attended were paid for by my manager without government intervention. I went to those pageants with personal preparations by providing my own costumes and everything a beauty queen needs,” Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, narrated.

In order to solve the problem for the next queen, Dolo said she launched an endowment fund with the target of US$50,000 to rent an office space for her (the next queen) and to also pay for international license and costume, “but unfortunately, only US$3,000 was raised, which cannot cover half of the proposed expenses.”

Meanwhile Wokie Dolo has disclosed that contributions made to the GoFundMe campaign she launched last year to help her raise money for costumes and ticket fares for international pageants came only from people she knew, saying that she did not receive any financial help from the majority of Liberians through the campaign.

“I launched a GoFundMe fundraising campaign, which was shared numerous times but nothing was donated by unknown individuals. My goal was to raise US$50,000 to enable me to represent Liberia at international pageant events; however, all the donations that came in were from immediate friends, family, and me,” she said. “I sometimes donated and used different names to encourage people to donate, yet nothing was done.”

The Liberian beauty queen concluded her post by calling on her detractors to stop accusing her falsely “on things that are not in any way associated with my character,” and thanked people who have always understood her struggle and believed in her journey.


  1. Dear Ms. Die,

    1 . I think you are a Beaufort woman who has represented Liberia well in the International beauty community.

    That being said, the GOL owes you $0.00

    You need to be speaking to the organizers of the pageant you signed up for.

    If you believe that other Governments financially support the winners of each pageant held in their Country, you are gravely mistaken. Perhaps the title is confusing, but this is NOT a government sanctioned activity.

    GOL needs to focus on building schools, roads and hospitals.

    Your plea to them for financial aid to travel the world competing in beauty competitions is laughable.

    Target the appropriate people.


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