Golden Image Festivities Begin


 Activities marking this year’s Golden Image Award have begun with the official launch of the Media Publicity and Programs. The launch was held at the headquarters of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace.

The Golden Image Award (GIA) was founded in September 2010 to serve as a face for Liberia and to recognize and appreciate those nations, organizations and individuals who, against all odds put in their time and resources to ensure that Liberia as a nation and people be restored through their sacrifices and contributions during and after the 14years of upheaval and corruption in Liberia.

The GIA is premised on 2 key rationales — to support the Government of the Republic of Liberia through innovative activities to rebuild Liberia’s image after 14years of devastating civil crisis, and to honor and recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the peace process in Liberia including those who have significantly impacted their communities, the lives of other people but were unnoticed.

According to Ambassador Juli Endee, Executive Director and Founder of Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP), the GIA is designed to promote development and Liberia’s Independence Day Celebration.

It aspires to maintain the precedence every year in the hope of supporting national leadership to sustain the peace and elicit the confidence of the international community with Government and increase investment in Liberia’s economy.

“This year GIA program will be followed by ground breaking ceremony for a monument in Bomi county, recognize Liberians and other nationals who have successfully impacted the lives of Liberia through continuous sacrifices and public services while promoting peace; support and motivate humanitarians in and around the world, showcase the talents of Liberians and improve capacity building means and enhance their potentials for future challenges,” Ms. Endee underscored.

GIA will also focus on strengthening Liberia’s social and economic profile through arts and culture followed by exhibition of Liberia’s arts and craft.”

Giving special remarks at   the ceremony, District #4 Representative Henry Fahnbulleh promised to work with the team of the GIA in order to take Liberia’s image to another level by making Liberia compete with its counter parts.

 Discussing the Image of Liberia, Hon. Fahnbulleh said the image of Liberia focuses on the country and its people, “ Liberia has gone far but not at the right place yet , infrastructure wise we are nothing but  we will stand up for an image  that will be preferred by the  future of our people.”

He further indicated that Liberians are industrious people and its image needs to be changed, stating that in order for Liberia’s image to remain, the Sande and Poro society  must not be remove because it will help to hold the image  and culture of Liberia.

“It’s the Sande and Poro societies that make us where we are today, we got better training, both our sisters and brothers from the two societies. So, these societies must survive forever.” Hon. Fahnbulleh assured.

For his part, the Superintendent of Bomi County pledged his support to the GIA program and promised to give a parcel of land where the monument will be built to represent the image of the country.


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