Ganta: A City that Never Sleeps


No doubt about it, Monrovia as a capital city has everything it needs ranging from gorgeous architecture, top nightclubs, hotels, beaches and the presence of the nation’s media houses – which Ganta, Liberia’s second largest commercial city, does not readily have.

Still, Ganta has something better to offer. Nicknamed ‘the city that never sleeps,’ Ganta is an ideal destination for weekenders based on its array of eateries coupled with a ‘bucket list’ of worthy experiences.

In addition, Ganta is a city with unique and diverse neighborhoods, with a potpourri of different cultures bringing the city to life 24/7.

Apart from that, Ganta’s location gives it an A-plus approval. Next door is Guinea and Saclepea, two beautiful places to visit. From Ganta to Guinea is about a five-minute drive, with Saclepea just over an hour away. Two other cities, Gbarnga and Sanniquellie, are about two or three hours away.

So a weekend in Ganta gives you the chance to visit many unique places and experience different cultures and lifestyle activities that you cannot experience in Monrovia.

Secondly, whether it is day or night, the city is busy with people interacting and doing business. Living up to its nickname as ‘the city that never sleeps,’ Ganta is busy with people either doing business or enjoying the city’s daytime actives or its active night and culinary experiences, available 24 hours a day.

Unlike Monrovia, supermarkets and nightclubs in Ganta are open 24 hours a day with many great restaurants to unwind and satisfy your culinary desires, be they African or western.

Ganta is a city that is very affordable to live in no matter your social status. Hotels like Jackie’s Guesthouse and the Beer Garden offer the same comfort as top hotels in Monrovia.

In fact, some hotels in Ganta have better services than hotels in Monrovia and prices are very affordable.

Lastly, Ganta opens up her bowels to people regardless of class, social status and gender, not to mention a nightlife experience that comes with some added extras.


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