From Radio to Business: Master Queen Launches ‘Masque’ Products

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Inspired by the desire to promote being attractive to women, popular radio host Master Queen has launched her own nail polish brand called Masque.

Since its launch, Masque has been receiving lots of positive reviews for its quality, catchy colors and portability.

The rave-reviews coming from clients emanates from the fact that using any color of Masque products can turn a ‘boring’ appearance into something classic and stunning.

In this exclusive, the award winning radio personality, whose real name is Grace Weah, talked about how she discovered her entrepreneurial panache, and more.

LIB Life: What exactly inspired your entrepreneurial spirits?

Master Queen: From the moment I was asked to serve as brand ambassador for Angel’s Lips Cosmetics. Though it was discovered later, it was always my dream to be an entrepreneur; not for the sake of success, but helping to bring out that hidden beauty in women.

I had to delay the discussion of venturing into business because I wanted to have products for all women no matter your age, size and status in society. I feel hurt whenever I see women lacking the necessary products to make them look attractive. I ventured into business to close that gap.

It makes sense for me to create a product that will solve such a problem and I’m grateful to my mentor, Junda Morris Kennedy, who encouraged me a lot to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.

LIB Life: Your brand Masque has been widely praised by clients…How does it work on all women?

MQ: My nail polish works well on all women because it enhances decorative effects and suppresses cracking or flaking. Another advantage of Masque nail polish is that it comes in so many nice colors that go with any wear at any time; and it is simple to use. Not just matching what you wear, it also matches your skin color.

LIB Life: How has your life changed since this new journey?

MQ: Life has always been great for me. But venturing into a new career is more exciting. Right now, I have less time for fun and other activities. Since the launch of this business life has changed because I now act and behave more like an entrepreneur.

Work is crazy like almost every day. I have to watch the latest trends, exploring beautiful styles and planning my next moves. I feel happy than ever before doing what I love best.

LIB Life: What characteristics, you think one need to be a successful business woman?

MQ: I would say hard work and dedication is the best chemistry that is needed to be a successful entrepreneur. In life you can only get out what you put in; and staying focused and committed is an added advantage as well.

LIB Life: What are your challenges as a female entrepreneur?

MQ: In my opinion, the most difficult challenge is having my products compete with foreign ones; and to sell at every location. The others have to do with clients meeting the price of the product; however, things are on course. Nothing good comes easy, and little by little I’m spreading my entrepreneurial wings.


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