From Fashion Designer to an Author


– Evangeline Delaney is expected to soon release a debut book collection


US-based Liberian fashion designer Evangeline Delaney is set to release her debut book collection titled “Exceptional Woman.”

The book narrates the struggle of a woman who uses her hardships and trials to become a better person and turning her sorrows into great wins.

In the book, Delaney explains that an Exceptional Woman sharpens her qualities by re-wiring her thought processes when faced with challenges or hardships.

The book speaks of a woman’s need to feel empowered when faced with challenges, and are encouraged to sharpen their characters through said troubling times.

Exceptional Woman is expected to be released no later than the end of May, and will be about 75 pages long.

In a brief interview, Evangeline said the book was so titled because she wants to inspire other women to take bold steps and discover their exceptional qualities.

She added that the book is partially about her and all her experiences thus far and hope that her experiences can help other women to discover their great qualities.

Reading an excerpt from the book, she said: “She is not a woman without flaws; to the contrary, she has many. She knows she is not perfect. However, she has chosen to speak loudly to her impeccable qualities and allowed those great qualities to dominate her entire being.

“She pursues the best outcome in any situation because she consistently looks for growth in the midst of confusion. She never forgets to celebrate those small wins because she knows several small wins put together build up a giant character in her. She knows she is exceptional.”

When asked about her favorite chapter in the book, she said although the book has several chapters that will be “heart-catching,” chapter one is more powerful because it teaches women the way to discovery their qualities.

On her inspiration, Mrs. Delaney added that she was inspired by strong women who are not afraid to handle what life throws at them.

“They don’t disappear when life is unfavorable. They rise up and take the challenge, learn and then grow from those challenges,” she added.


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