Frank Artus to Present Awards

Artus Frank, president Liberia Movie Union (LIMU)

Following a month of winning two prestigious international awards, Liberian movie icon Artus Frank is set to present his awards to the Liberian government and people.

Artus Frank is expected in Liberia on August 19, and an informal presentation of the awards will be made at a dinner with Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Among topics to be covered at the presentation, will be a discussion about government’s support to the burgeoning movies industry.

During his four-day visit to Liberia, the Ghana-based Liberian actor is expected to affix his signature on UN Women HeforShe Campaign in order to give it boost.

The awards will be presented to the government on August 20, at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), and will climax with a visit to an orphanage.

Artus Frank received the Face of Africa and Humanitarian Figure Awards respectively from the Continental Award Committee in the US. The face of Africa Award represents the most popular and most dominated actor on the continent for 2014 – 2015.

Artus received the Humanitarian award for his contribution in the fight against Ebola and other services in the area of Gender-based Violence, Child protection, among others.

“We just want to let government and the people of Liberia to know that an actor who began his career in a growing industry has brought proud back to his native land,” said Henry D. Johnson, Vice President for Administration, Liberia Movies Union.

He said that Artus’s “signature on the HeforShe Campaign will not only give it momentum that we should follow suit, but that it will create an opportunity where gender equality could be respected in Liberia.”

Expressing excitement, he said the movies industry is proud of Artus Frank for the level of international recognition that he has continued to bestow on us.

“Winning these awards creates an opportunity for investors to see that Liberia is a nation of raw talent that needs to be supported.” He said.

“We hope that after talks with VP Boakai, he will lobby on behalf of the industry to get much needed support from the government and work together to deal with key challenges that are slowing down the progress of the industry,” Mr. Johnson underscored.

What to Expect from the Dinner talk and Artus Frank’s Stay

Two issues that are likely to emerge during the dinner talk is getting government full backing in the fight against piracy, which has become a serious problem in the movies industry, as well areas in which government can give financial support to the Movies Union.

The pending visit of Artus is also an opportunity for him to reiterate his commitment to the industry’s growth, sending a strong message that filmmakers must do all they can to improve in the art of movie making.

Additionally, he might talk about the lack of disunity that has engulfed the industry since Martha E. Akorsah took over as the new president this year, plunging this small but rising industry into disagreements and incoherence.


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