It is absolutely unbelievable but surprisingly true that indeed mama Liberia is really producing some talented and outstanding inspiring young entertainers. Yes! There are good things that do come out of our entertainment industry.

As the entertainment industry is gradually exhaling towards adding more value and creativity into its limelight, so is also one very extraordinary young lady  who is also very determined to get a taste of the pie!

Marian K. Suah who is commonly known as Foxy Black, is gradually making a break through into the music setting with a flow of a foreign vibe that not most Liberian musician are able to get away with and boy!, she does it with such ease and style. “I was just sick and tired of hearing our DJs play foreign music all day instead of their own. So I did this song imitating a Ghanaian accent just to let them know that we are as good as those foreigners that they love to listen to and that we’re even better. Listening to the single, the first thing that came to mind was who is this new Ghanaian singer later did I know it was one of our very own.

The ebony skinned, auto tune singer whose recent single, titled “18yrs” has drawn the attention of many, with its hot beats and foreign accent lyrics is definitely a danced to kind of music. Foxy told Lib Life, “ I’ve always had a passion for doing something different musically and being in the spotlight” in which her latest single has given- that breakthrough and limelight, catching the ears and attention of many especially her very first manager Fuhbi Henries who was amazed at how talented this young woman is. “Foxy has some real talent” he told this paper  and with such gift I just want to help her make her dream become a reality” he concluded.

Sometimes it is often said no pain no gain and being an entertainer for over seven years now Foxy has had her share of the entertainment what we would like to consider “Entertainment catastrophes” From being an actress to producing her very own movie title “Wrong Decision” this innovative mama has had her share and taste of almost every aspects of the entertainment business and the shocking realities of not “not because you are an actress/actor or a producer, musician, means that success will come to you easily” especially in Liberia, Foxy found out that it take way more than just singing a song  or  smiling at the camera, it took hard work, determination and perseverance in order to keep up in this game.“I had to put a hold to the movie business for now because I wasn’t getting anything out of it, I was rather spending my own money and getting nothing in return” adding “ our Liberian people rather support outsiders than their own people, you will find out that they will quicker purchase a Ghanaian or Nigerian movie than a Liberian movie”. Therefore out of frustration, Foxy had to focus her energy somewhere else and heartily took an advice from her mentor and manager Fuhbi Henries to direct all that energy into her music.

Despite the fact that Foxy is so much engrossed with her music business, that has not stopped her from getting an education. Interestingly, when foxy is not writing lyrics and in studio, she is found cracking that brain of hers at the Smythe Institute of Learning, where she is presently a sophomore student in the field of nursing. Being in the limelight is not all that matters to this young talent but saving lives is also something that touches her heart.” I think that is the sweet side of me, I’ve always had a humanitarian her, there is nothing that gives me much joy than giving a helping hand and saving a life”. Adding, “ You see, life is all about how you live and how you relate to people, what you can do in your everyday’s life to put a smile on someone’s face is what that matters to me each and every day”.

Foxy black may have gotten to that spotlight that she envisioned, but one thing’s for sure with that determination and innovation that she has going, Foxy sure will get to that top of the ladder, exactly where she wants to be.


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