Four Reasons Why Most Upcoming Liberian Artists Fail to Blow Up


There is certainly no doubt about this. Every day, Liberia’s struggling music industry receives loads of songs from upcoming artists who dream of making it big with their singles.

However, many of these songs fail to hit or make an impact; and in most cases, two or three weeks is enough for them to die a natural death.

This must be frustrating for these hopeful artists, taking into consideration the time and money involved. Yet, this happens because of the reasons given below, listed as “four reasons why most upcoming Liberian artists fail to blow.”

1. Poor lyrics and bad sound

It is sad to say, but the truth here is that most of the songs released by upcoming artists nowadays lack quality lyrics and good sound quality.

In the music industry, the importance of quality sound and lyrics cannot be overemphasized. It is difficult to blow up as an upcoming artist when your music has crappy rhymes and is poorly mixed and mastered.

Take this example, Kizzy W of SOG Records came into the spotlight with the single “Wait Na” not because of his voice, but mainly because of quality sound coupled with lyrics that hold listeners captive.

There are other artists with a golden voice like Kizzy W’s, but they are still struggling to sell because of bad lyrics and poor sound.
In life, quality matters.

2. Many Don’t Study the Market

Frankly speaking, most of the upcoming musicians do not study the market before dropping their debut singles. In the music business, the audience matter.

No matter how talented you are, without studying the market to know who your target audience is and what they want, it makes it difficult for you to rise above the fray.

3. Explicit Content
This is not about witchcraft or people hating you. Most upcoming Liberian artists fail to blow because their music contains explicit content that either promotes sex or drug abuse.

Coming into the music scene with such a debut single reduces listener traffic, which definitely hangs a dark cloud over your career.

As an upcoming artist, it is never advisable to jumpstart your career with songs that promote sex and drugs.

This is not America or Europe; this is Liberia, where people expect songs to have positive messages. Again, most upcoming artists want to compare themselves with Christoph or other A- list artists who are producing such songs, but forget to know that these guys are already superstars, and they are not.

4. Almost the Same Style

Though we have seen some sort of improvement in the industry over the last year, one thing that has not changed is almost all of the upcoming artists are not bringing a different sound, but recycling what’s available.

Let’s be frank, it is difficult to make a break in the industry as an upcoming artist when you are copying other people’s style.

Every day the music industry is in need of something new. So introducing some new and unique pattern of music is a great way to attract fans and listeners to your songs.

Take a look at C.I.C, another SOG Records artist, who introduced a new and unique style of rap to the industry.

His ability to create his own street talk, which keeps fans thirty for more, has made him one of the best upcoming artists in the country right now.


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