Former Culture Minister Wins UP District-5 Primary


Louise W. McMillian-Siaway, former assistant minister of culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, has won the ruling United Party’s just ended nationwide primary to contest on the party ticket as the representative aspirant for Buu-Yao administrative district in Nimba County come October.

She now faces a stiff and uphill battle as she seeks to unseat the district’s current Representative Samuel G. Kogar and more them five other constants.

Although she won the primary on white ballot, the former minister said she remains a formable force in the district looking at her track record and willingness to come to the aid of people from the district, all of which clearly makes her the right person for the job.

She added that she is not contesting to seek her own interest but to bring relief to citizens of her district who have been suffering and neglected for too long.

“I’m a different politician. I’m not like those politicians that promise things that they cannot do, which makes me a better fit for the job. Also, among the other candidates contesting, I’m the one that knows the people’s problem. And I’m the only one that has been with the people for a long time,” she said.

Despite being seen as one of the people’s favorite, she noted that her campaign will focus on collective efforts to develop the district, which requires everyone’s effort.

“Although developing and building the human capacity of our district is a long journey, it is achievable when we all stick together. Let me say this, when I win, my focus is to promote legislation that will better your lives and the lives of your children,” she said, adding: “Too many wrong laws have been passed, which are killing the country; during my time in office, I will make sure to repeal some of these laws.”

Buu-Yao is district number five in Nimba County.


  1. Congratulations, Minister Louise McMillian Siaway, you certainly deserve this initial victory and we all look forward to your success in the up-coming National Legislative Elections. You are a competent, committed, dedicated, experienced and people oriented servant of the people. You bring a wealth of knowledge to this job and I encourage the people of Buu Yao District to elect you as Representative of Nimba County.

    At this critical juncture in the tragic history of Liberia, Nimba County and by extension, Buu Yao District needs your expertise, experience, dedication, commitment, and your global connections to positively change the direction to impact the lives of the people of Buu Yao District, Nimba and Liberia at large.

    Given the recent wave of the lack of serious commitment by most legislators to consult with and make decisions in inline with the views and the supreme interest of their constituents and the Liberian Nation; it’s about time Liberians in general, including the people of Buu Yao, elect committed, dedicated and experienced individuals with patriotism and love of Country at heart, to change the trajectory of our Nation and positively impact the lives of its citizenry.

    Nimba and Liberia needs a selfless Lawmaker, who understands the local and global impact of upholding the Constitution and the understanding of contract negotiations to benefit the people who deserve it the most, the Liberian people. You bring to this equation a wealth of experience, expertise, and your understanding of the intricacies of Contract Negotiation. I’m personally very proud of you and therefore, I openly endorse you as the next Representative of District #5, Nimba County.

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