Foreign Ward Weds Longtime Jue, Lorpu


After one year of engagement, Liberian artist Foreign Ward (a.k.a. Ward Kollie) has finally tied the knot with his longtime partner Lorpu Sulonma in Philadelphia, USA.

Foreign Ward took to his Facebook page a day after the marriage and posted: “I remember being dead broke with no job and she cared for me and loved me. I remember her sleeping in the car with me because I did not have a place to stay at the moment, but she never complained or made me feel less of a man.

“I knew she would be the woman I would spend the rest of my life with, because I told myself if I do not love, cherish and marry this woman, I will be the biggest fool on this planet. My life story is deeper than what you guys see on social media. Thank God for his blessings.”

This is the artist’s first marriage. For three years the couple appeared to have an ambiguous relationship before they officially dated for another two years, and then married a year later.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kollie!


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