Football Fever


This is 2014 football season on planet Earth

All eyes geared towards the mighty Brazil

Home of the renown skills best craftsman

Bare chest juggles balls to entertain travelers

Hosting millions with wide open arms and salsa

Rhumba half clad dark skinned girls full of cheer

Drums command victories as millions unite wide

As Jesus too up high welcomes the entire world

Football Fever

This is 2014 reasons to exhibit new skills for fans

All old teams with new players ready smart moves

Home faraway fans will be fixated to crisp screens

Boots of crazy neon lights assuage pedicure lawns

Hoisting national flags is a must for the talented

Rhapsody a world united for one cause for football

Dance steps raps Rio as the constellation is awake

As whistles blow for red and yellow cards so heroism

Football Fever


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