Flomo Theater to Launch A One-Year Anti-Corruption Awareness Campaign in Grand Cape Mount


As the fight to end corruption takes center stage in Liberia, Flomo Theater Production has announced a one-year anti corruption campaign with the goal of increasing information for citizens as well as shaping citizens’ understanding and involvement through the use of art-based outreach.

The program will be launched on January 9 in Sinje Town, Grand Cape Mount County.

The organization’s Executive Director, Saifa Ballah, said the campaign would shed light on the county social development fund and assess its impact on the lives of the citizenry and the county.

“When citizen’s information, communication and technology are increased, they also increase their commitment to assist in the fight against corruption,” said Mr Ballah.

“We are going to raise awareness amongst local government officials, lawmakers, anti- corruption stakeholders and citizens in the three targeted counties about the negative impact of corruption in society and ways to fight it.”

The Open Society Initiative For West African (OSIWA) funds the project under the theme: “Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It is self defense, it is patriotism.”

Ballah said that Cape Mount, Bomi and Gbarpolu are places that have been hard hit and ravaged by corruption and poverty. The GSA report and findings gathered from these counties show that most of its projects, funded under the County Development Fund, are incomplete, with continuous acrimony among lawmakers and the slow pace of development in these counties heavily contributing to their backwardness.

“Our campaign will buttress government and other development partners’ efforts in strengthening policies to address the increasing occurrence of impropriety in the private and public sector,” he said, adding that the project will also help to build the integrity of youth and community based organization to vigilantly monitor ongoing developmental processes in their various counties.

Mr. Ballah noted: “As we work together in improving the lives of our people, we look forward to establishing a society free of waste, irregularity, bribery, patronage and vices.”

He said that the campaign will also include consultative meetings with community stakeholders, advocating measures that limit the temptation to commit corrupt acts as well as conducting youth integrity forums and town hall meetings.

“When youths are excluded from mainstream political dialogue, they are more vulnerable to being exploited by political elites or mobilized for political action,” Ballah added.

He said that the organization believes that empowering citizens through learning and information sharing through drama, participatory community theater and other visual materials would ensure transparency, accountability as well as understand the usage of the allotted funds.


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