Flomo Theater Thrills Audience at AMEU

Dr. Dawn Barnes (in African attire) and members .jpg

Flomo Theater Production recently delivered a two-hour spectacular performance of pure Liberian culture, designed to drive home the importance of reconciliation in post civil war Liberia, at the campus of the African Methodist Episcopal University.

The group’s performance caused the audience to echo the traditional sounds of Africa mingled with the melodious chorus of beautiful voices.

At the end of the live dramatic performance the audience was invited to join the reconciliation process by stating their views as the drama unfolded.

The group’s excellent performance forced many out of their seats, including Dr Barnes, and do impromptu drumming, dancing, singing, acting, storytelling and acrobatics that raised a beautiful atmosphere of joy and excitement among the audience.

The idea for the program, which turned out to be a wonderful celebration of Liberian culture and creativity, was initiated by Dr. Dawn Barnes, Associate Vice President for Academic Support Services at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU).

In her remarks, Dr. Barnes welcomed members of Flomo Theater, describing their presence on the university’s campus as a collaboration designed to bring about a new wave of artistic and creative energy to campus life.

She said plans are underway to develop a ballet program at the university and urged interested students to sign up for the training program, which will be provided by the Flomo Theater.

Siafa Ballah, Executive Director of Flomo Theater, appreciated the university family, especially Dr. Barnes, for giving them the opportunity to work with the institution and to share Liberia and Africa’s rich cultural values to audiences at home and abroad.

“The collaboration with the university is part of the group’s mandate to interact with national and international organizations at various levels in the quest for peace through the preservation and promotion of Liberia’s cultural heritage,” said Ballah.

AMEU Vice President, Dr. Somah Paygai, thanked the group for their brilliant presentation and congratulated Dr. Barnes for the initiative to form collaboration with the artists.

He expressed the hope that many students would sign up and take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn more about Liberian cultural dances and traditions.


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