Flomo Theater Anti-Corruption Message Inspires Citizens In Grand Cape Mount


In an effort to increase citizen participation in the fight against corruption, Flomo Theater Production has sent out a clear message that “fighting corruption is not just good governance, it is self- defense. It is patriotism,” and everyone needs to raise his or her voice to stop it.

At the launch over the weekend in Sinje, Saifa Ballah, the organization’s Executive Director, said regardless of several anticorruption systems put in place by government and its partners, corruption still remains a serious threat to the country’s development agenda.

Mr. Ballah said: “Bad practices such as misuse of public offices, properties and improper award of public contracts as well as concession agreements have continued to stand in the way of development.”

All the attempts by consecutive Liberian governments to fight corruption without the full involvement of citizens have failed, “proving that in this fight, citizen’s participation is very cardinal,” Mr. Ballah noted.

“This situation has led citizens to spewing out their anger in different ways. But when citizens participate in this positive change initiative, it does not only make them happy but encourage them to create a better society for future generations,” he said.

The program was held under the theme “Fighting corruption is not just good governance, it is self-defense. It is patriotism.”

The event was a colorful one that brought together policy makers including religious communities, managers of the County and Social Development Fund among others.

The Open Society Initiative For West African (OSIWA) funds the one-year project.

In remarks OSIWA Country Director, Massa Crayton, lauded the efforts of the participants for showing up in their numbers.

Madam Crayton advised citizens of Cape Mount not to remain silent but speak out freely by asking their leaders about the use of the County Development Fund and Social Fund that is for their own benefit.

Making remarks on behalf of the participants, Garwula District Commissioner, Kaison Kiadii, said no matter the situation citizens of his district should not participate in any form of corruption.

Commissioner Kiadii added, “Participating in corruption as citizen is very bad and deprived the future generation of many things. It is our responsibility to call our leaders to ask them how they are using the County Development Fund. If you remain silent as citizens, then it means that you are in agreement with corrupt practices indirectly.”


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