Five Things You Don’t Know About Shadow Man


Shadow Man is one of Liberia’s finest artists who hit making ability sets him apart. And in his decade long career, Shadow Man had to overcome some difficulties in the highly competitive music industry. With songs like ‘Tricky Papay,’ which he produced, let us give you what you don’t know about the Man.

1. First Liberian artist to be featured on VOA
In 2014, during the heat of the Ebola crisis, Shadow Man worked along with two other rappers to produce the first Ebola song called ‘Ebola in Town,’ which landed him a VOA article, thus becoming the first Liberian artist to achieve that feat.

. Second cousin of rap legend K-Zee BigName
Shadow Man, the “Leayawoo” crooner, is second cousin of rap legend K-Zee Bigname. They are related on his mother’s side. In fact, his mother Cecelia Simpson Cammue and K- Zee’s mother are cousins.

3. Speaks his mother tongue
This is sad but true. Shadow Man cannot speak his father Samuel G. Morgan Sr’s Grebo dialect, but he can speak his mother’s language, which is Kpelle, the largest tribe in Liberia.
In addition, ShadowMan was born at the Catholic run St. Joseph Hospital in Congo Town before migrating to Ghana during the country’s 14-year civil war.

4. Shadow Man is left hande
Shadow Man is 100 percent left-handed, which means he writes with his left hand, eats with it, and does all work, including producing music, with it.

5. Only musician among his parents’ children
Shadow Man is blessed with five siblings, five boys and a girl, but he is the only musician in the family. On his first time to the US, Shadow Man was scared to eat that country’s food to avoid a running stomach. However, it took him some time to get used to Western food.


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