First Post War School of Performing Arts Opens

Van Vicker

For the first time in about two decade, the first postwar performing arts school has been open in the country.

The school comes at a time when most talented Liberian filmmakers and musicians are eager to acquire knowledge about their act in order for them to produce works that will be easily accepted.

Opened by Van Vicker and his manager, Dr. Claric Ford-Kulah, which will be fully operational in January, the school will focus on educating artists with practical hands on experience in fine and performing arts.

Van Vicker said his desire to introduce such a school to Liberian youth is to give back to the country, and bring to life the passion of people that are interested in the arts industry.

“The school is dedicated to providing an outlet for inspiring Liberian musicians and filmmakers and an opportunity to learn skills about their art. Liberia has talent, but most of them lack the skills. I decided to open this work as my way of helping to promote and develop their talents.

“The teaching staff will comprise of an educated body of filmmakers, dancers and actors that will fly into Liberia to provide industry – driven training to the students,” he added.

Vicker said at the end of the school semester, “the students will put on major productions with an emphasis on addressing solutions that will help to heal our nation.”

“For me, it is more of a social responsibility and beautiful to have people succeeding from a particular sector; and these individuals are willing to give back and help upcoming individuals who are interested in areas that we have decided to tackle,” Vicker said.

The award winning actor noted that the mission of the school among others is to educate artists and future artists with practical, hands on experiences in fine and performing arts, film/stage, and music (voice coaching, piano, guitar, drums and lesson, spiritual, ballet, tap, modern jazz, hip hop, African, etc.).


  1. I am proud of Vicker. I first came to know him watching foreign African video movies where he was the lead actor. Someone watching the movies with me told me he was a Liberian. I hope he will get the support of fellow Liberians that will help create jobs for young Liberians in this untapped industry in Liberia. Good job, Van.

  2. This is awesome. I do applaud you Van for this. We really do have a lot of talented people in Liberia who can benefit from this program. Liberian, let’s support and take advantage of this. Wishing you all the best Van Vicker.


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