First Liberian Artist to Seize Award for Best World Beat Music Video


It’s unfair, in a sense, for us to expect that Liberia cannot exceed itself further this New Year, especially since it’s clear that Liberia has had some victory notes in the past by some of the same’ol same’ol outstanding performers.

LIB Life is certain that the land of Liberty will continue to hit bigger; here’s why.

Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo, known as Angélique Kidjo on stage, was the first Beninese-born African to accept a Grammy for Best World Music Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony on Feburary 15, 2016.

The album was for her mother.

In line with her unexpected win for Africa, Liberian afro singer Douk De Lib, recently won himself the ‘Akademia Music Award’ for ‘Best World Beat Music Video’ in December 2015, and will be celebrating his win in full gust.

“I feel world music is an opportunity for foreigners to showcase their music to the world,” he articulated to LIB Life.

His astonishing ‘Vow’ video earned him an award certificate that brought a glee of excitement that he’ll be able to share with his family, friends and fans during the award ceremony on April 21 in Los Angeles.

According to Douk, the video was shot in March of 2013 by Dream Reacher Production. It features Dorris Kamara, Talee Supercute and Lady L. In the video Douk disappoints his girlfriend of many years and marries a new girlfriend. The video ends surprisingly with his ex girlfriend interrupting the two couples while on their way to the church and smashing his windshields.

“I submitted this video to the Akademia Music Awards committee and it was nominated as Best World Beat Video and later won the Best World Beat Award. As an Akademia award winner I enjoy privileges like a $10,000 budget for air play and rotation of the video on their site. I will be attending the award ceremony,” Douk told LIB Life.

Meanwhile, winning an Akademia Award is a rare career distinction and according to an email sent by the company, it also means Douk is now inside the gates of an organization that can significantly advance his career as an artist.

“Please accept our warmest congratulations from The Akademia team on your outstanding achievement in the field of music. We look forward to working closely with you to advance your music career. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it,” they stated.

Also, Douk is the only Liberian to win such an award and will on that day be brought in by a limousine, in grand style, walk the red carpet, sip Champagne, meet the Akademia executives and enjoy open bar all night at one of L.A.’s most venerated spots.

Also in attendance will be other Akademia winners, radio stations, the press and numerous music industry executives.

“We do anticipate that this event will be filled to capacity. As this is Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, rest assured there is much to see and do while you are here,” Akademia added.


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