Fire Destroys Loveland Productions


An unexpected fire, which reportedly started 15 minutes after the studio crew unplugged their equipment, locked up the studio and stepped outside for a break, resulted in the total destruction of Loveland Productions.

The burning building was enough for community members to come in their numbers to help put out the fire.

Sadly, despite their efforts, the raging fire, which engulfed the studio, gutted everything in less than an hour after it started.

However, with the help of neighbors and passersby the studio staff managed to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings, with one slightly damaged by the fire.

The value of the gutted equipment was put at US$6, 000, including a backup three terabyte external hard drive, Hp Z420 Workstation used in production, with a two terabytes drive loaded with audio and visual data works.

“Normally we work all through the night and until the next day; it is part of our daily routine. Sunday’s work was not an exception. So after working the whole day, at about 6:15 p.m. we stepped out of the studio for a break, and not too long neighbors started screaming that the studio was on fire,” said Lorenzo Loveland, owner of Loveland Production and Black Enzo Entertainment.

“The team was standing outside for about 15 minutes before the fire accident occurred. The worst situation is that we shut-down and disconnected everything in the studio before stepping outside. When the neighbors came to help, we could not find the key; therefore they had to rip the roof off from the studio to pour water in order to stop the fire.

“We lost everything that we worked tirelessly to make, including unreleased song from DenG, a masterpiece project from Sweetz, which was a compilation of Neo Soul and Liberian Afro pop, and other songs expected to be released this year,” Loveland added.

Loveland disclosed that he is gaining strength and about to restart the process of rebuilding, “yet it’s not an easy task.”

As for Sweetz, he said “she is one way or the other still devastated about the accident. It took her many sleepless nights and hard work to make those compilations.”

Meanwhile, Ziggy Ray the young Hipco rapper was the only artist whose work was recovered since it was stored on another hard drive that was not in the studio at the time.

Lorenzo later praised the firefighters for quickly getting to the scene of the fire. He is hoping that they will soon release their investigation report on the cause of the fire.


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