F. A. Returns Home with Smashing Concert


F Dot A Dot is an able singer who seems to have now arrived at an artistic equilibrium that works best for his career. Recently giving Nigeria what he left his fans in Liberia missing almost a year ago, F.A. is back home and is now making serious noise.

His 2016 stand out track ‘Desire’, featuring fashionable Nigerian singer Chidinma and their recent “Desire Concert” proves the metal.

On March 14, 2016 at Club Gossip and March 15, 2016 at Bernard’s Beach, F.A. held no small performance debuting Chidinma and his hit single, “Desire”, hosting several artists – Yinkz from Nigeria, Christof, Switch, Cozea, CNote, Speedo, Tan Tan and a few others.

“We decided, why not do a concert in Liberia where we can premiere the video and make it a win-win situation at the same time,” F.A. told LIB Life. “Chidinma gets to go to Liberia for the very first time to have fun and perform, while I also get to come back home with my new jam and new video. This is the beginning and starting of F.A. and Friends, Episode One, which is F.A. featuring Chidinma,” the artist explained during a WhatsApp conversation.

In the lineup of our conversation with F.A. was MTV Base, the biggest entertainment platform in the world, which highlights not only American artists but international artists as well. F.A. being the first Liberian artist to attract their attention, Liberia was given a moment of fame through the hard work the artist has put in to get his music on a global platform.

DJ Blue of Hott FM, who manages F.A., expressed his frustration with the lack of local media attention to the historic MTV Base visit.

“F.A. was the only [Liberian] artist to do this; and having MTV Base out in Liberia just took us out of poverty,” he said during the Blue Links show on Hott FM, referring to the international exposure MTV Base’s visit here gives Liberian talent. But he was also referring to the personal financial benefit F.A.’s international success has brought him as the artist’s manager.

“No media house talked about this, and that is bad. They talk about politics and things that will not progress us as a society; but something that made history like F.A.’s “Desire” concert that will bring more interest into our industry was overlooked. Our president or any lawmaker has yet to thank F.A. for his contribution to the exposure we have been crying for, for far too long.”

But for the artist, gratitude is the right attitude.

“I am blessed,” F.A. told LIB Life, wrapping up our conversation. “Just working and praying that these opportunities keep coming. I thank God and am excited at what God is bringing me; and I’m just going to take it and run with it, basically.”

Meanwhile, F.A. is not done just yet. Next month he is expected to join some of the most followed international artists around Africa, including Flavor from Nigeria, for the Mali Unification Concert. We’ll tell you more about that in our upcoming LIB Life edition.


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