Exotic Entertainment Presents Triple Movie Premiere


For those of you who have been wondering whether Liberian movie is ever going to get better, Lib Life can assure you that Lollywood is on its way to perfection.

Over the past decadeS right after the civil war, many Liberians in the country started off having very little interest in watching their own Liberian movies. Some have complained that most of the movies are of poor quality in terms of production and many of the screenplays carry ano meaningful messages; but what many do not understand is the many challenges that come along with making a movie ranging from struggling with finances, lack of sponsorships and support, coming up with sets, customs, locations and dealing with everyday hassle, and personal stress our beloved, underdeveloped country Mama Liberia offers on a daily basis.  And with all those challenges, movie stars, producers and scriptwriters face, they still struggle and try to do their best to entertain the nation and the world.

Meanwhile, Exotic Entertainment group have promised to blow our minds with their three latest movies premiering this weekend namely, “The Victim”, “Pressure”, and “Redd” on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Golden Gate Hotel at 7pm.  According to Exotic Entertainment executive producers, Habiba Wollor and Julius Wilson, who are also leading cast members, these movies were highly anticipated and every dime from their own pockets was invested in order for these movies to become a success, just as they were envisioned. Two of the movies “The Victim” and “Pressure” were locally done while “Redd” was shot in Accra, Ghana to be precise.

Starring in these movies are Frank Atus, Habiba Wollor, Henry Mamulu, Julius Wilson and Evelyn Fairley, all of whom are excited and eagerly awaiting the triple premiere.

According to scriptwriter and director of both “Pressure” and “The Victim”, the movie “Pressure” was inspired by the everyday hustle young Liberians are faced with. “I thought to write a story as a motivation for Liberian sending a message that no matter what the situation is, things can always get better but if you make wrong decisions based on stress, it leads you to dead”, and that is basically what the movie is all about.

On the other hand, The Victim is a true Liberian story revealing the painful spillover effect of denial. The movie brings to light the lavish and careless life style of an old man who uses charms to seduce a girl that found herself-working in a bar due to poverty. She became pregnant which he denies, she gave birth to an un-identical twin. The burden of taking care of the two without a father became difficult and when an opportunity presented it and she had to make a decision between seeking greener pasture and staying in the country to look after her two children, she’s left with nothing but serious decision-making and being a victim of circumstances.

Meanwhile Redd is a campus movie full of love, action and suspense about a hot-tempered guy who uses the wrong approach to resolves dispute, he finally falls in love with a girl that steals his heart but is she in love with him. That is for you to find out at the premier. Redd is a movie produced by Artus Frank Studios and Exotic Entertainment Group.

Prominent citizens, dignitaries, Liberian movie stars and people of all works of life are expected to attend the premier. Liberia, get set because Lollywood has promised a world of entertainment! LIB Life will see you there!


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