Eugenia Jelani Penned Emotional Farewell Message


Liberia’s US-based Jazz singer Eugenia Jelani has penned an emotional farewell to those that attended her concert last weekend.

“Since my arrival and subsequent performance here on December 22nd at ‘A Festive Evening of Jazz,’ words are not enough to express the warm welcome, encouragement and support that I felt from my Liberian community.

“It is amazing to see the excitement and love that the Liberian People still have for arts and entertainment as well as the overwhelming support.

“This has been very encouraging and I know, for sure, the beginning of many wonderful events to come,” she said.

This overwhelming response and support encouraged a New Year’s Day performance at the president’s annual open house, and the farewell performance, “An Evening to Remember.”

“Before I leave, I much appeal to you guys to continue your support to Liberia’s entertainment industry in order to make it better. Even in the midst of economic crises, please remember to always support Liberians to increase the middle class sector.

“Also, I will like to appreciate all of the sponsors and the AME University Jazz Ensemble for their support.

“Let me make clear, this event would not have been possible without the help of the most wonderful supporters who worked tirelessly in the background trying to get sponsors, spreading the word and making this event a great success.

“Once again, thanks for all the love you showed at the entire event. It was exciting and admirable.”


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