EU to Build Cinema Arthouse for Liberia

Hundreds, mostly youth, gathered at Tubman High School auditorium daily to view screenings of movies at the EuroLiberian Film Festival

The European Union Delegation to Liberia has disclosed plans to open an arthouse in the country before the end of this year, which will offer a space for the development of creativity, arts and innovation among Liberian youths.

The Counsellor and Head of the Political Section of the EU delegation to Liberia, Emma Sundblad, explained that the arthouse is the first of its kind by the EU and is meant to improve the talent of talented Liberian.

Although the official date and cost of the project has not be announced, Madam Sundblad added that the arthouse’s space is also expected to become a reference hub for the promotion of human rights through filmmaking.

EU Counsellor and Political Officer, Mrs. Emma Sundblad

“The EU is strongly committed to supporting cultural heritage, creativity, and the creative industries. Building on the experience of two successful editions of the EuroLiberian Film Festival, we are pleased to be supporting this new project.

This arthouse will be an independent cultural venue and creativity hub that will bring to life the dream of many young people of having space where their creativity will be encouraged to generate new cultural and artistic products through various forms, including filmmaking, visuals arts, photography and much more,” Madam Sundblad said.

She added Liberia has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage originating from its sixteen tribes which must be preserved.

“Through this arthouse, we know that will happen,” she said.

The project is being implemented in partnership with KRITERION Monrovia, Urban Achievers Foundation from the Netherlands and benefit from the support of the Dutch organization Engineers Without Borders, who will help develop the arthouse design.

Elizabeth Lanzi Mazzocchini, EU culture diplomacy contact point, noted that the EU is strongly committed to the promotion of cultural heritage, creativity, and innovation.

“Cultural heritage is an expression of our root and can be a powerful tool to building bridges between people, communities, and countries. Culture can contribute to the well-being, social cohesion, and intercultural dialogue. It is our goal that the arthouse will contribute through its activities to preserve cultural heritage for the next generation,” she said.


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