“You Must Consult the Oracle”

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There has been a wave of fierce, yet mind stunning beats being heard on Liberian radio stations and clubs, from one of Liberia’s own talented producer/engineer.

While producers/engineers appear to be in a never-ending quest to see who can put out the best instrumentals behind some of our favorable musicians and hit tracks, the listening audience has been left dazed and ecstatic over such boogie-woogie jingles.

Producer/engineer Raymond Reeves of Liberty entertainment, Inc, commonly known as The Oracle “You must consult the Oracle,” is making a name for himself as a gifted beat mixer, not just in Liberia, but also across the international Globe.

Known for his ghostly voice drop “you must consult the oracle” in all of his produced tracks, The Oracle has one of the most diverse ways of mixing his beats, and that’s in a intercontinental manner.” We can be just as good as anyone around the planet, and I want to be able to send my beats all over the world to people like Jay z and Kanye West. That’s what I want to accomplish” Oracle disclosed.

The Oracle’s sense of duty as a producer is to make beats, instrumentals and organize them into music, a duty the towering but affectionate beat master says he has been doing since he was a kid“ I’ve been producing for 11 years, and have been engineering for about 6-7 years, which is the technical part of making the music sound a certain way.” Oracle articulated.

Whenever The Oracle’s hypnotizing beats are heard, they are easily recognizable, just like his written signature. His beats have quality, class that derives from the way he blends his instruments together as if he has been doing it all of his life.

 “I want to be successful at what I do, with the artist that I work with, and all those I encounter. For me, producing is natural and just kind of flows” he added.

The Oracle has worked with many of Liberia’s top artist to include Coz, Ro-papers, Sweetz, Moneymaker Mitch and many more. Oracle’s champion status as an amazing beat master has placed a lot of new artist at his waiting list that want to work with him ASAP (as soon as possible).

“ I grew up in the church and played the keyboard, guitar and drums, which was natural and just flowed. Producing good beats is just a part of me and has always been something that I wanted to do. Some people encourage me to sell beats on the Internet, but I’m not interested” Oracle cheerfully said.

I asked the brain behind the beats what inspires him to calculate such well structured instrumentals, and according to the Oracle, he has always loved putting drums and music together” some of my best work I’ve done, I’m still sitting on it. I’m sitting on at least 200 beats that I really take my time and put my all into. I want L.I.B to make a name out there, most of the world stars are from America but we haven’t had that person to blow up yet. We don’t have a star yet, and I’m sure every other producer/engineer is modeling to be the beat man behind that star that comes from Liberia, and I’m thinking its going to be Coz.” He assured.

Meanwhile, as the beats get more spectacular, thus helping in the endless effort of promoting Liberian music in its own form and fashion, there are some expensive challenges that The Oracle says he is faced with.

“Liberia’s has a lot of talented producer/engineers, but the problem is we don’t have as much up to standard equipment as people abroad would have. We work with what we have, and a lot of people work with Beat maker software while the top producers are using keyboards to get that top professional sound. We don’t have that here, producers are using fruity loops while I’m using the machine, which is a software and hardware with a MPC- Drum machine attached to it.” He stressed.

According to The Oracle, having the rightful beat mastering machine or keyboard to his convenience could build his producing/engineering skills, and also take his career to a heighten level “ a Motif Dx 77, which is the top of the line keyboard for producer’s cost $20,000, and it can take a producer to a whole nother level. It gives standard sound that really sounds live like the industry sounds, and that is what I need,” he said in hopes.

The Oracle is prepared to continue to take Liberia farther then where it has ever been before with its musical content, its beats.


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