“Who Be D Bad Gyal?”


Musulyn Myers, commonly known as Sweetz of the Red Eye Entertainment, has again quenched her fans’ thirsts with another booming track “Who Be D Bad Gyal”, a dancehall hit that was released during the week.

Produced by Rawlo of the Red Eye Entertainment, this cutting new ragga track features a new style in which Sweetz offers to her fans: “It is just a side of me the world hasn’t seen yet. You know one thing about entertainment is that most entertainers use their craft to help people get to know them. That’s exactly what I'm doing.” Stated the talented and hardworking diva with the versatile flow.

“All of my music explains who I am as a person in different aspects. Even in high school, I won the most versatile award. That’s exactly what I am, versatile,” Sweetz agreed.

Featured on the track alongside Sweetz is a new but mesmerizing reggae voice, M’ PRESS 1 Luv, she can be heard spitting ragga in a designing way.

This track will not only get you off your chairs and onto the dance floor, but it will leave you stunned at Sweetz newly found ragga voice “I like to call myself Every Woman because I have all personality traits. So Ragga Dancehall has always been a part of me, I just had to tap into it.” Sweetz added.


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