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Kalando D. Zolu born in Monrovia, Liberia on Feb 19, better known by his stage name K-Zee is a Liberian singer, song writer and record producer. He is also variously called K-Zee, Kakalaka girls or Zizachocho man. Since the founding of hip-co music, K-Zee is known to be one of the most fashionable and successful hip-co artists in Liberia. His songs are constantly ranked on the hip-co musical chart as some of the best danced-to hip-co music of all times.

The young musician told Lib life that he was once a member of the defunct “Big Scene” from 2005-2006. The death of one of its members, who was also a cousin to the Liberian star, disbanded the group and K-Zee continued his solo musical career. Another sad incident that occurred in the young artist’s life was the death of his mother, Louise Gbilee. Nevertheless, he continued to persevere with his career, “I still think about my mother ever day, I miss her a whole lot,” he tells Lib Life.

Though born in Montserado, K-Zee is from the Kpelle Tribe, mainly hailing from Bong County, even though they (Kpelles) can be found in every part of Liberia. He obtained his high school diploma at the Seventh Day Adventist High (SDA) in Monrovia. Later, he went to Ghana and enrolled at the Ahead Collage but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career. While he was still in high school, he told this paper that he remembered performing at every organized talent shows and parties at various schools.

K-Zee has released two albums titled ‘Kakalaka Babies,’ and ‘Country Chicken.’ In 2008, his son Kakalaka won the LIB Entertainment Awards for best song of the year. In 2013, ‘Chicken Saloma’ also won an award in the USA for best Liberian songs, a song he did alongside David Mell aka The Melody Maker, before departing for Korea.

Upon signing onto KLW Entertainment, he was sent to Korea to further his education and also focused on his music career. He is one of the first Liberian artists schooling at the Morko University located in Seoul. While in Korea, he recorded three songs called, “Leaving”, “Blessed Ju” and” Only girl” featuring Tantan. He is presently working on the Leaving video.

Meanwhile, K-Zee is back in Monrovia, where he will be releasing his two singles recorded in Korea, “Leaving” and “Blessed Ju”. He sees himself as a Lady’s man and that is why most of his music is geared towards romance and it’s all about pleasing the listening ears of the ladies.


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