Hot New Artist Quincy B:

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Monrovia-It’s time to sit back and relax. 2013 brought in a slide of cool new acts, including one fine singer who’s definitely headed towards international stratum. His angelic voice sends his listeners into another world; this new act is what Liberia has been waiting for.

Recording artist/Producer Quincy L. Burrowes, commonly known as Quincy B made his break through in the track “My Dream” alongside Scientific at the end of 2013. The dancehall track not only describes the hardships of life, but it draws a visual picture for the listener that Life can be made better no matter the circumstances.

A hit track that is now being played all over the world, thanks to its production appeal, Quincy B describes how being on a track with Scientific was like a dream to him.

“I had the beat for a long time, and was happy when Scientific, who is my idol, came into the studio one day and asked to join me on the track. We did the beat and vocals in Liberia, but Scientific manager liked the song so much that he wanted an extra quality mixer, and the song was mixed and mastered in Hollywood,” stated Quincy B.

Quincy B’s startup has led the 20 year–old lad to collaborating with artist like 2switt, Tan-Tan and many more. Though he has been compared to Nigeria’s Wizkid and brightens over the idea, Quincy B has built his career through years of practice.

“I grew up in a Godly home and sang in the choir and Sunday school. I used to produce beats in my crib and had friends featuring on them until my name started to get to people. I created the My Dream beat, so I’ve been into this all my life.” Quincy B added.

With featured tracks out like “I’m in love with you”, “I’m sorry”, “Party Hard” alongside 2Switt, and “Heartbeat” alongside the whole crew of Heartbeat records, Quincy B has stirred up a large fan base and plans to take over Liberia completely in the next few months with more tracks to come.


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