For the Home He’s Never Seen


The Devastating effect of the 2014 Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa, especially Liberia is not only causing a serious alarm in the country but also in the Diaspora amongst fellow Liberians as well.

As a result of this deadly epidemic that has taken the lives of over 400 Liberians and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1000 people have died in West Africa. But in the midst of it all, there are many Diasporan Liberian who have not given up on their people and their native land. Among those is Chad Dunbar (aka Godhand Black),  who is organizing a benefit concert to help send medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Liberia. The concert will be held in Louisville, Kentucky in mid September.

“I have spoken to the Liberian Embassy in America and they have two ware houses in America that donations are being processed through,” adding, “They have given us a list of needed supplies and when we have raised the money, we will mail the supplies to their Baltimore, Maryland warehouse for shipping.

Dunbar also disclose to the Daily Observer that an African charity called Big Family, which normally focuses on aiding Zimbabwe but, due to the dire threat that ebola poses and in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, Big family’s founder Farirai Berenjena has volunteered to help in the process while another charity called Supplies Over Seas will provide the medical supplies at a fraction of the cost.

“We will raise money, then give the money to Supplies Over Seas who will give us hospital-grade medical supplies at only 20% of normal cost”. According to Dunbar, the supplies will be taken and mailed to the warehouse from where they will be shipped to Liberia.

Chad Dunbar (aka Godhand Black) says he is of a Kru and Kpelle descendent. His ancestors were captured and brought to America way before Liberia was founded.

“We were based in Pulaski, Tennessee until two generations ago when most began migration into the cities. My family didn’t arrive in Louisville, Kentucky until well after the Back To Africa Movement returned former slaves to what is now Liberia.

“Godhand Black”, which is a shortened way of saying, “Hand of God” or “Act of God” as in a natural event outside of human control, is how he perceived himself; like a storm or hurricane “I’m sent places according to God’s will, except I try to build rather than destroy.”

Chad has been making music since age 10 and like many others he started from the church choir, then studied piano, guitar and violin for a few years. His music is mainly Hip-Hop, even though he has done a few Nu-Jazz, EDM, and Spoken-word songs here and there. He also did a little bit of Deejaying and plays the piano and djembe.  Chad hopes to visit Liberia in 2015 as a part of his West Africa concert tour. “I’m also interested in working with Liberian musicians and filmmakers, I’ve made music for Nigerian movies but I have yet to work on a Liberian movie”.

Presently, he is currently working on an American horror movie called “Voodoo Gold”, which is being shot in Kentucky.


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