First Ever Gospel Competition Opens Sunday


The first ever Gospel Vocalist Competition is to take place at its grand opening on May 4, 2014, at the Monrovia Christian fellowship on 9th street Sinkor.

In collaboration with America based award winning Gospel artist Abraham Gibson and Hott FM’s broadcaster Daniel Brooklyn, the competition is set to search for its next Gospel star.

“This event is a talent hunt initiative,” Mr. Brooklyn explains. “It’s being designed to scout out talented persons that have the passion to sing music while promoting the kingdom of God. With the facility that we have, award winning gospel artist Abraham Gibson decided to work along with the initiative.”

According to Brooklyn, this competition is the first of its kind, and he also believes that his competition will surpass UNMIL’s ‘A star Is Born’ talent hunt.

“Looking at the level of work we have done, this is a program that we held off until we could launch our website page. We have a YouTube and Facebook page, so we are marketing this thing to an international audience,” Daniel explained.

Daniel Brooklyn, who will be the host of the gospel competition, says that his team has been doing everything to make sure that it is successful.

“We started the publication since last year October in a couple of local daily newspapers. The publication started in Montserrado County, in Monrovia. A couple of radio stations were publishing the registration process. We collected all of the forms that were filled out at various radio stations where it was more convenient for the contestants to have easier access to the forms, we started with the validation process of calling all those who registered for the contest.

“We had pretty close to a hundred who registered. Thirty persons qualified based on the information that was given in their forms; some had to do with the church they affiliate with and we wanted to give more focus to people coming from the church and have a church relationship. What disqualified a lot of people is we have a column on the registration sheet that we will be using their voice and recordings to be marketed online and give sight to the international audience that these things are happening, and they didn’t want that.” He added.

Meanwhile, the competition is basically looking for new artists that can promote Liberia’s Gospel music industry.

“The competition is searching out the talent, if you can do your own song as a contester, that’s a plus, but it’s going to strictly be gospel singers. It’s going to run for two months, we’re looking for hidden talent.

Also, Daniel has revealed the prizes that each winner will receive upon the completion of the competition.

“The winner walks away with a studio deal, after we discover you we also have to develop you and send you out to the public. We’re going to give you a studio deal and record a full album for you and do one video for you. We’re also going to be giving out cash prizes, looking at the first two places while each will have a recording done, “ he also added.

Daniel says that he is disappointed by the lack of interest in the civil society in such a promising endeavor to sponsor and promote it.

“My own disappointment locally has to do with a couple letters we sent out, we sent letters to various government entities and corporations for sponsorship for this event and we have not gotten any feedback except from NOCAL who expressed to us that they don’t have money in their budget for such. I feel that this is a youth initiative and everywhere you turn in Liberia they tell you that the next generation is the young people. The future is the youth and if young people come to put their ideas together to make something happen and put Liberia on the spotlight, I think it should be [tangibly supported].”


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