“Complexion Thing”


Jessica Singh, commonly known as Flavor, has brought up an interesting topic in her new music video about accepting whoever it is you love for who they are despite their complexion.

The music video, called “Complexion Thing” expresses the challenges of being light skinned and in love, and Flavor has no doubt made a point that love is and always will be colorblind.

“Complexion Thing is about the connection between two people not based on the color of the skin. It’s about what brought two people together,” Flavor narrated during a brief interview at the video shoot.

Award winning record producer Tan-Tan, CEO of Heart Beat Records, is featured in the video poetically expressing his love for black women no matter the complexion.

“Working with Tan-Tan was fun and great, I enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve known him for quite some time now and when I got back here in 2012, I had no idea Tan-Tan was into music. I contacted him and asked him to do a track with me. We met out of the studio and put this song together which turned out great. The whole team was there together; the recording crew and it just came out exciting. Working with Tan Tan was easy even though he gave me a lil tough time but it was okay.” Flavor excitedly added.

Also, many may remember flamboyant Flavor, who’s been in and out of the entertainment industry for many years, as a young lady who comes off as knowing what she already wants in life. But Flavor says personal reasons have caused her to drop out of the music industry off and on to finally return with a musical hit and permanent plan.

She disclosed that she has been living in Ghana and the UK for some years and now finds herself back home. And while many know Flavor as a young lady who can be motivated into taking flight at any moment, flavor assures her return home is permanent and for a good reason.

“I’ve been in entertainment for quite some time now, but have been in and out of it because of some personal reasons. But right now I’m well prepared and I’m in it for good.” She assured.

“I’m ready and set to show Liberia what I have. I’m fully prepared and excited to work with people.” She added.

During the March 8, 2014 premiere of “Complexion Thing” at the Bella Cassa Hotel, Flavor described to her invited guest how much of a devoted artist she is.

“I am here to showcase what I can do and what I am made of. I can sing, dance and just entertain people. Because music is what I love, music is like a second family to me. So, I’m here to tell my Liberian people we can do it if we work together.”

We asked where she wanted to stand in the Liberian industry, and how she could add value to it, she said, “I’m trying to take Liberian music to another level and that’s why I’m putting in a lot of hard work and energy. During the showcase, we get to show what we can do, how creative we are and the talent we have in Liberia. Complexion Thing is going out there and it’s going to be big, please watch it and support it because it’s here to stay,” Flavor pleads.

Flavor expressed her gratitude towards her fans and friends and also acknowledged that without her fans, she would be nowhere.

“I want to thank everyone who showed me love; today is the greatest day in my life and I’m thankful to you my fans out there for being such amazing people,” she said.


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