Co.Z Launches New Album with Tour


Cozea Naagon Gwaikolo, better known as CoZ, gained his top Rap Dog status when he featured alongside Hip-Co’s finest Luckay Buckay in the remix track “Rude Boy”. His lyrical style, not to mention his flow, gave the audience the notion that he would be LIB’s next top rap plague.  He’s no ordinary up-coming musician who just walked into the music industry without a clue as to how music is made. This cat has been in the motion of rapping for quite a while, twelve years to be precise.

Ironically, CoZ was able to show his versatile compositions in two tracks that visually showed two sides of the unique rapper, years before he was vastly recognized.

His new debut album State of the Union, CoZ has tracks such as “Coco” ft Pitty D’ Best and “Africa” ft JB Soul Fresh that sounds off a man who is evidently torn between English and Colloqua, a lyrical style he creates consciously in his songs.

“I’m doing this for Liberia so that everyone can understand it,” CoZ stated in a previous article.

“On fire” produced by 231 of Kels Records, was a track that showed a more aggressive character rapping with a more hard-core touch.

Then there was “free”, a song inspired by Hon. Kau Kidau Joseph who is a musical representation of the history of Liberia. Again featuring Buckay and entertainer King Kong, the track showed CoZ in a more sincere way, pleading to his audience about the worth of having mental freedom.

Years later, CoZ now finds himself nestled in the music industry safely, having worked with almost all of Liberia’s leading Hip-Co artists.

Though being a Hip-Hop artist in Liberia is a bit frustrating, due to the fact that colloqua is Liberia’s vernacular, while Hip-Hop is in standard English. CoZ has managed to no doubt keep his head above water by simply accepting what he cannot change, the fact that Liberia is Liberia.

Joining with numerous Hip-Co artists such as Pitty d’Best, Nasseman and a few others, he has been able to use his experience to formulate a newer style and approach in his flows.

With a wide audience and many eagerly anticipating his debut album, CoZ has a tour schedule planned to jump off starting Jan 25, 2014 at ELWA Junction through March 14, 2014 ending at Stella Maris. His fans and well wishers will have a chance to see him perform some of his greatest tracks like “Saturday” ft Sweetz, “Don’t You Cry” ft Scientific and “Fight” featuring Phaze live.


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